ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF) secretary and former international player Wajid Chaudhry has announced that Pakistan will host the $9000 Series 4 Badminton which was allocated by World and Asian Badminton Federations in which 10 international countries’ badminton players will take part.

Addressing a press conference, Wajid said: “We are only recognised body from World, Asian, POA and PSB and Mian M Iftikhar is our president. Imtiaz Gill has been creating troubles for the federation and sabotaging the federation’s efforts to bring international badminton to Pakistan.”

He said 29 male and 3 female players from 10 countries would travel to Pakistan to participate in the championship starting from November 9 in Islamabad. “Prior to that, the World Badminton Federation has also allocated referees/umpires course to Pakistan, which will be held from November 6 to 8 at capital city. Top international bodies’ representatives will also travel to Pakistan, while five countries’ umpires and Malaysian assistant will conduct the championship.

“Amjed Khan and Dr Sahi were sent abroad for refereeing courses and world body has promised to take them under consideration and they will be refereeing in international events very soon. The Asian body has allocated $9000 badminton kits for Pakistan, which we have distributed among the associations and the world body is so impressed that they have promised to provide more $15,000 gears to the Pakistan Badminton Federation,” he added.

“We conducted five national level tournaments, while we will conduct U-15, U-17 and U-19 events very soon. The national championship will be held next month at either Lahore or Islamabad,” Wajid concluded.