DANIEL Craig is the only Bond with a real license to kill, according to Dame Judi Dench.

The ripped actor, 44, is a 007 ‘for today’ and one who ‘feels like a Bond who could kill a man’, said the Oscar winner. The female ‘M’, 77, said her co-star also has lighter side.

‘Perhaps somebody who doesn’t know him might think he was very serious, and he was tense when I first met him, but, gradually, you find he has this sense of humour, which is irresistible,’ she said.

Dame Judi also told GQ magazine of her admiration at Craig’s bravery for doing many of his own stunts but said he would never shake off his 007 tag.

‘You can’t go out in the world and not be recognised as James Bond,’ she said. Meanwhile, Craig has been speaking to Vanity Fair about being compared to other actors who had portrayed Bond on the big screen.

He said: ‘What I’m doing is not what Pierce was doing, and Pierce wasn’t doing what Roger Moore was doing, or what Sean was doing, or what Timothy [Dalton] was doing.        –Metro