LAHORE - Young Doctors Association has announced the schedule of protests against the government for outsourcing Punjab health facilities. Giving details of decisions taken at the General Council meeting on Saturday, spokesman Dr Khurram Shahzad said awareness seminars would be arranged at major hospitals that would be followed by strong demonstrations on roads.

Seminar and protest will be arranged at Services Hospital on Oct 6, DG Khan on 7, PIC on 12, Nishter Hospital Multan on 13, Jinnah Hospital on 14, Ganga Ram Hospital on 15, Children’s Hospital on 16, LGH on 19, Sheikh Zayed Hospital on 20, Allied Hospital Faisalabad and Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Gujrat on 26, SZH RY Khan on 27, Dental Hospital on 28 and Mayo Hospital on Oct 29.