RAWALPINDI - Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sar­war Khan on Saturday said that Nawaz Sharif wanted political insta­bility in the country. 

Addressing a news conference here, he said despite having all evi­dences, Nawaz Sharif did not utter a word to con­demn subversive activi­ties of Indian Spy Com­mander Kulbhushan Jadhav in Pakistan.

He said Nawaz Sharif had damaged the repute of national institutions. 

The government was taking all possible steps to bring Nawaz Sharif back, the minister added. He said that Nawaz Shar­if and his family were playing dirty politics.

Sarwar Khan said that Nawaz Sharif’s medical board should be chal­lenged and the report should be investigated. 

The minister said that “No matter what the op­position does, they will not get NRO”. 

There was no threat to the government, he said, adding that oppo­sition’s sit-ins could not hinder the development of the country. 

He advised to Paki­stan Muslim League (PML-N) workers not to support the bad character of a person who was working in the hands of enemy. 

Altaf Hussain started speaking against Paki­stan, then MQM work­ers and leaders sepa­rated themselves from him, he added. 

The minister con­demned Maulana Fa­zlur Rehman who did politics on behalf of the children of Madaris (seminaries). 

“Our challenge is the country’s econ­omy, inflation and unemployment, but it is certain that the problems are difficult without political sta­bility,” he maintained.