While the frenzy of Twitter activism summed up in 140 characters and the outlandish apprehension it inspires thrives on the spines of Twitter Warriors and their libtard counterparts, the Social Justice Warriors, the real world struggles by on the blood and sweat of the voiceless, the meek – the humans who inspire the beauty of survival. And it’s from these human beings that we deliver the essence of escaping the brute force of privilege by championing human rights.

So between the hilarious tragedy of the Milo Yiannopoulos ban on Twitter and the rights of misogynists and pseudo-intellectuals to whine “Feminism is cancer” and “The Regressives farted again!” in synonymous tweets complimenting the narcissism of air-heads calling themselves “classic liberals”  – there are real struggles of people fighting for fundamental human rights without infringing on the rights of those already secure behind their keyboard while sipping on a $8 coffee beverage and touting hipster activism laced with misogyny, sexism, racism, homophobia and other shit which clearly proves “west doesn’t need feminism!”

Women and girls are still being raped on industrial levels as they have always been long before and long after the refugee crisis. The rapists can be immigrants, natives, sex traffickers, pimps and – you know – heterosexual males everywhere regardless of their religious/social identity. Rape Culture still continues to deny dignity and justice for survivors of sexual violence in the West. Atheists and secularists are still a target of Islamic fascism. The Islamic State is still alive and recruiting vulnerable idiots. West still continues to arm Sunni supremacists in the Middle East under the guise of diplomacy. Systematic abuse still continues to rob the rights of human beings worldwide – and your latest social media outrage still continues to do nothing for anybody under any amount of oppression. So forgive me if I don’t buy your hipster, latte activism that piles on divisive, contemptuous bigotry all day long, in return for that proud achievement of “retweets” and little red hearts that stroke your ego and bring meaning to your brilliant little life. But, it is within your right to continue validating your self-obsession – you can even approach pseudo intellectuals and have a discussion on turning human beings with cognitive disability put on equal footing to livestock and procure another circle jerk of self-indulging dilemma that congratulates your self-appointed expertise on the existential crisis which even Narcissus is unlikely to mind—unless, of course—it involves him.

Between another major intersection of political concern that is the Melania Trump immigration conundrum resulting from spite for her husband, Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant moral hypocrisy and Sophie Grégoire’s audacity to wear the same dress twice, I must confess my disappointment in poor Milo Yiannopoulos’ struggle to break free from the prison that is the Twitter ban resulting from his repeated offense of breaking Twitter policy through his targeted harassment of anybody he disagrees with hasn’t been given enough press! What is the media thinking? This is a grave injustice towards a gay man who hates himself for being gay more than that 'pious Christian' who won’t even bake him a freaking cake.

Milo is praised as a modern day intellectual – even after he confessed to witnessing rape of children who were drunk and drugged out in plain sight at some party and did nothing about it. And you wonder why anti-feminists turn to him for reason – yikes! Fast forward to the 2:26 mark of the video and enlighten yourself, or watch the entire video if you want to see the Stockholm Syndrome expose itself to understand his defense of pedophilic abuse of children and the attacks on feminism.

What would Dave Rubin do? Ever ask yourself that? He is a classical liberal—he claims so at every opportunity to justify why he doesn’t challenge white nationalists the same way he was heard shrieking at Cenk Uyger for not challenging Islamists enough. And Reza Aslan? He thinks Islamism is the antidote to Jihadism – what a loser! I bet all these Regressives are turning Dave’s hair white, one strand at a time!

Rubin invites everyone to have an equal opportunity to whine about the [hashtag] Regressive Left – everyone except someone that is a flaming anti-Jew bigot of course. And his show is very reasonable and not an echo chamber at all for those who want to focus on trashing feminists and Muzzie-supporting-libtards. From time to time – he has guests that aren’t libtards – so surely Rubin isn’t a complete airhead, right? A few honest intellectuals surely absolves the monstrosity of countless idiots presented as valid voices…? Ugh. Just crucify me on the Regressive cross and move onto the next paragraph.

You can turn to Dave for objective understanding of politics in this hard-knock life that is the Twitterverse – even though he did mention Twitter isn’t the right place for fact-searching right before he went on to sell his misinformation to his Twitter audience. He believes Pegida is a group of concerned citizens that bravely oppose Islamism – when in reality – with a little Google search even a 10 year old can manage – will provide basic information on the likes of Pegida, EDL, UKIP, et al as white nationalists and supremacists preoccupied with the horror that is [hashtag] White Genocide resulting from the existence of those damn mulatos and non-white immigrants! And the “Alt Right” is just Pegida on more acid.

Rubin feeds you all the things you’ll ever need to need in order to transcend from the madness of political correctness; he is the Deepak Chopra of political criticism – a gift to “classic liberalism” existing in his own little dimension. Presenting white nationalists, rape apologists, et al who espouse medieval values as valid voices of protest will keep you woke between your tirades against libtards and feminazis.

West doesn’t have that big of a social crisis. Except when African Americans are unlawfully shot more per capita by those who are supposed to enforce the law. And sure, “#NotAllWhiteSupremacists” blow up, shoot or stab the people they hate in 2016 as those “Mozlems”, but there is a minority amongst them that wouldn’t mind enforcing a fatwa on interracial coupling with a knife amongst other violence. They are the proud descendants of the lineage preparing for the White Genocide as their neighbor who keeps shouting “The end is nigh!” every time a nimbostratus looms over the sky.

Remember to shout “#NotAllMen” when a feminist brings up sexism in Western society just as the Muslims who shout #NotAllMuslims” whenever Islamism is mentioned. West doesn’t need feminism, people. We don’t stone rape victims to death. We don’t throw acid on women and girls’ faces. Because clearly, “Rape Culture”, “misogyny” and “sexism” are defined by how much worse the Islamic world treats rape victims and female members of their society. I am so informed now! Thanks, Twitter Warriors! All this time, I thought Rape Culture and all that jazz were about how police officers, judges, lawyers, jury, friends, family, schools, et al gas lighting and silencing rape victims by accusing them of destroying male lives and slut-shaming and faulting them for wearing clothes that expose their skin and/or drinking alcohol or being alone at night or day in public or at home while being an owner of a vagina! Silly me! And if the victim is male – well, his orange jumpsuit must’ve been enticing? Or the priest must’ve had the devil in him but only every time he went near a little boy.

If a Hasidic Jew cries “female” in an airplane, and the West accommodates him by penalizing the female passenger, just point at a Muslim girl being hung in Iran and pretend the Western tolerance for misogyny and sexism is harmless and muffle down the voices of Western survivors of violent misogyny as seen in domestic violence because they can never measure up to the victimhood of those who live under Sharia. Who knew a woman or girl has to be a victim of Sharia to convey the severity of misogyny and sexism in any given society? Don’t even get me started with South Indian women/girls, dowry and kitchen fires and how they’re all #ReadyToWait. Or Papua New Guinea’s burning of witches! The fallacy of relative privation is a masterly art in context to deflecting systemic abuse of female citizens everywhere.

Sexism against males is real though. Just ask Milo fan-boys. You’ll never see men in a laxative commercial or an adult diaper commercial! Is your male partner beach-body ready – you have to think about male health too! Men in America are under pressure every day as Viagra is covered by most work insurance while the same insurance companies will deny abortion coverage for females because of Baby Jesus. Think about all that child-support men end up having to pay as a result?! It’s a tyranny – I say! So let’s fight to end this Western sexism against males. Either we see more males in laxative commercials or we riot!

All this whining about Feminism and Liberals will end when the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East – even poor Khal Drogo has a better chance of coming back to life than the intellectual honesty cursed by the Mirri Maz Duur of bigots everywhere masquerading as “classical liberals”.

Those Chomsky-esque bots have nothing better to do than always blame the West for every little bomb and bullet that flies in the Middle East – a waste of time, I tell you! As intellectuals, writers and media presenters, you should all be more focused on the bone we have been picking with Islam. You should learn to be more Islam-centric in your worldview and strip that random woman of her burkini if you really, truly support a secular democracy in the West.

If you want to protect Western secular values, you should prove it by denouncing Islamic misogyny. How do you denounce Islamic misogyny? Go after female liberty and deprive a Muslim woman the right to wear the hijab and/or burkini! Because nothing – and I say nothing – can be resolved without attacking the autonomy of women and girls as a result of crisis created by Patriarchy – a concept which you should actively deny because it triggers heteronormative folks who codified misogyny, sexism, homophobia, slavery, etc. all those thousands of years ago. And today, Twitter-atheists, also known as Twitter Warriors maintain that primitive sentiment by defensively using biology to argue why males are still disproportionately violent and abusive. I guess one simply cannot kick the cave out of a man who refuses to give up moral hypocrisy as a tool of privilege?

Twitter is more like a White House dinner party; it’s where you can discuss serious issues. Or opt to be the powerful and rich who joke about all the horror they are responsible for around the world and depend on punchlines to rescue them from the state of degeneracy they have placed themselves in. Who needs real activism when you can have Jimmy Kimmel fire up some irony and make you feel better about yourself and the nightmare the rest of the world lives in? We can romanticize the state of oppression the world’s underprivileged people must struggle with so that maybe Talib Kweli can sing about the “Beautiful Struggle” while simultaneously calling non-black minorities “racists” for standing up against Islamism that continues to inspire terror throughout MENA and enslave Africans and South Asians to this day.

Whatever you do – just be honest about it. Of course the motive matters. And it eventually outs itself when you backpedal with moral hypocrisy. Apparently, Muslims are terrible for not calling out the Islamists yet Twitter warriors against Islamic tyranny (or TWAT, for short) have no problem shrieking “I’m not responsible for 350,000 followers” to justify why they don’t call out bigotry within their own tribe. This is why somewhere in England, Maajid Nawaz is shaking his head – because I’m positively sure he didn’t coin “Regressive Left” to be used as a pejorative against anybody who has a concept of human rights and dignity that is assertive in universal equality and justice. But what do I know – I’m just some libtard feminazi supported by a bunch of beta cucks.