ISLAMABAD - Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Tuesday said that Pakistan’s future is linked with democracy and youth will set the path of the country.

“This is the beginning of change,” he added.

“The youth can change the direction of the sea,” General Bajwa told Sindh students and added “The youth bring about change all over the world,” he said. “Youth of Sindh are loyal and hardworking, said General Bajwa. The Army Chief interacted with representatives of youth from all across Sindh at the directorate of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) in Rawalpindi.

The Army Chief said that Sindh is the soul of Pakistan and it played an important role in the creation of Pakistan.

Talking to the youth, the Army Chief said that future of Pakistan is in the hands of Youth. “Future of Pakistan is in the hands of Youth. You will set the direction for Pakistan as leaders,” the military’s media wing quoted the COAS as having told the youth.

The Army Chief further said that change can only be brought about by youth. He urged the youth to do the needful to put the country on the right path.

According to a video clip tweeted by the ISPR, General Bajwa said that Sindh had played a very significant role in the creation of Pakistan. “The youth of Sindh are loyal and hardworking,” he remarked while appreciating the delegation.

“You are very brave children. Believe me, you can change the directions of the seas. We need to reach at a level where our voices can be heard. All around the world, revolutions are only brought by the youth,” the Army Chief said.

“Pakistan Army’s system is based on merit and we can only achieve success with the help of merit and there is no other way,” the Army Chief said.

The COAS went on to say that the moral authority is superior to military power and no religion in the world allowed injustice with others.

While talking about the peace and law and order in the country’s economic hub, he said: “We cleared Karachi of terrorists.”




Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor on Tuesday said that every martyr will be remembered on the upcoming Defence Day on September 6.

In a Twitter post, the DG ISPR said, “Defence and Martyrs Day 6 Sep 2019. Like last year, let’s reach out to families of our shaheeds. Every shaheed be remembered.”

He further released the slogans of the Defence Day, “Ayein Chalain Shaheed Kay Ghar” and “Kashmir Banega Pakistan”.