ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan today said that the largest protest rally in history would demand re-elections in the country.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Khan said that all the petitions filed by PTI’s candidates against election rigging were disposed off on technical grounds.

He vowed to stage the biggest protest rally of Pakistan’s history on August 14 over alleged election fraud.

He said PTI has knocked every door to find justice but present system and process of election commission did not provide justice to them and there was no way left but to take onto streets.

“On August 11, we will tell how elections were rigged and who were the players involved” he said, adding that PML-N had corrupted the whole system, including judiciary and election commission, to win elections. “Our basic demand is to announce re-election as PML-N has a fake mandate.” The PTI chief explained that he was forced to take to the streets to get justice as he had already exercised all the available legal options. “I had been saying for 14 months now that we would take to streets if not given justice.”

Khan said that rigging was carried out as soon as Nawaz Sharif’s victory speech on May 11 ended.

“Massive discrepancies have been found in 14 constituencies which have been opened fore probe so far.”

He questioned that how could a government whose growth rate had been even lower than the federal government could get almost 15 million votes.

Khan said Jahangir Tareen has spent Rs. 200 million for recounting while rigging was proved in all 14 constituencies which were opened on PTI request.

H said rigging has been taking place since very first election I the country but May  11 polls were the most rigged elections in history of the country.

Khan said that FAFEN has proved that ROs have added extra votes in 90 constitutions while 30,000 votes were added in his Mianwali constituency alone.

PTI chief said that 35 constituencies were rigged in Punjab alone as care taker government was cooperating with PML-N.