A major fault in the international cable system IMV cause disruption in internet services nationwide today.

According to the reports, internet users all over Pakistan faced difficulty due to the damage caused to the 13000km-long IMV cable — extending from India till France — affected by a technical fault near Jeddah.

Authorities were unable to fix the inoperative CMV 4. Of the six internet cables available in Pakistan only two are presently operative, as three remain affected by the technical fault.

"An international consortium is trying to determine the technical fault and time required to fix it," a Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) spokesperson told.

According to General Manager PTCL Imran Janjua, efforts are underway to shift the internet to other cables.

TWA and Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) are the only two companies with landing rights in Pakistan for internet and voice data traffic.