KARACHI  -  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday paid tribute to police martyrs of all ranks and said they laid down their lives for peace in the country.

Their role in maintaining law and order and eradicating the menace of terrorism will be written in history, he said. He said that peace, which has now prevailed in streets and all zones is due to the sacrifices rendered by police martyrs.

The PPP chairman said the nation owes to police martyrs a lot and it won’t leave their families alone. Police’s contribution to maintaining law and order and fighting terrorism is remarkable and they deserve due appreciation and applause, he added.

He said that whenever the PPP rose to power in the country, it greatly encouraged and facilitated the police force. The previous government of the PPP had raised the amount of compensation for martyrs’ families. Zardari said the next government of the PPP would modernise the police force in Sindh.