I had penned with evidence in my book “Modi’s War Doctrine” that PM Narendra Modi will become even more aggressive and lethal for Kashmiris if he comes into power for the second time. My assessment and apprehensions were based on India’s past conduct and Modi’s War hysteria. It looks like India will replicate the Israeli model of “ethnic cleansing” in Kashmir. He has already made his arrangements for ethnic cleansing through “local village doctrine“ under which local Hindus shall be used against Kashmiris and more troops shall be deployed in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).

Now even tourists are forced to leave Kashmir and Muslims are harassed by extremis Hindus across the India. The recent use of cluster ammunition against civilian populace across Line of Control (LoC) is a serious indicator about how far India can go to implement “Modi’s War Doctrine”. We must now be very clear that India has decided to come down heavy on innocent Kashmiris and Kashmiris need Pakistan and international support to halt the Indian policy of mass killing of Kashmiris. India has already placed all its military and intelligence tools to change the status of Kashmir and to convert the majority of Kashmiris to minority which is an alarming and dangerous alert for the peace in South Asia.

India will use 5 policies to fulfil its evil designs-

1. Enforce full aggression in Kashmir using all the resources — ouster of tourists and media personals for total media black out for operation and to implement new legal status. India will try to completely isolate Kashmir from the world.

2. To increase more pressure across Line of Control (LoC) by intense multiple firing to engage Pakistan at the boarder and in the meantime to continue ethnic cleansing operations.

3. There will be lethal media propaganda painting Pakistan’s image negative both by Indian and paid international media.

4. India will engineer again a Pulwama-like incident (one or more) under Modi’s Doctrine to create an excuse for the crack down with fabricated fake evidences to blame Pakistan and this time India will try to undermine Pakistan before President Donald Trump and that will only possible through some acts of terrorism in Kashmir or India providing opportunity to USA by design to pressurise Pakistan to get the desired results in Afghanistan and to sabotage Peace process of bringing Taliban on the table on the USA terms.

5. Modi failed to implement his war doctrine against Pakistan before the election and he was exposed well and our counter measures post Pulwama worked unprecedentedly on the right direction. He is a wounded snake and he will now try to fulfil his unfinished agenda against Pakistan.

Modi came under terrible pressure from International community and internal political parties after self-created Pulwama drama for his election and Sri Lankan attacks by Daesh operators from India. USA has always drawn benefit from Pakistan by increasing the pressure from India on LOC whereas western boarder is already under USA command. Indo - Pak tension suits to USA in the present situation till Afghan issue is resolved and Cold War with China ends.

We were happy with our Prime Minister’s visit to USA and the whole nation celebrated the President Donald Trump’s disclosure of PM Modi’s offer of mediation on Kashmir but the claim of the offer was frustrated in 50 minutes by India wherein Indian refuted President Trump claim. We can not ignore the visit of highest Indian Army command to Pentagon within hours after the visit of PM Imran Khan with his high powered delegation last week.

Let us examine the visit of PM Imran Khan to USA and Indian Army visit to the pentagon and the ongoing dialogue of USA with Afghan Taliban and now the aggravated tension on Indo - Pak boarders is enough to disturb the defence and security analysts of Pakistan. India is up to something and whereas RSS has stated that there will be no other religion in India except Hinduism by 2035 and they openly claim to eliminate Pakistan within the same years (God forbids) but these are the evil wishes of BJP government led by butcher of Gujrat want to become bigger butcher of Kashmir

In the view above, it is high time for us to urgently engage a powerful block of friendly countries by creating SOS situation and government should not restrict now to flowery statements but needs to move to the International community.

Will the government convene a very high powered security & National defence conference in Pakistan Inviting the world top leadership including the entire leadership of Muslim Ummah to expose Indian designs for Kashmir and Pakistan. Will the government dispatch letters displaying the critical situation rising between Pakistan & India with special envoys from the president to visit all the heads of states exposing as to how India is endangering the peace of South Asia and its gross violations of human rights in India & Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). India has started once again pursing it’s anti Pakistan policies which need to be countered through aggressive defensive and diplomatic policies.

All political parties must be called immediately to discuss Indo - Pak growing tension and come up with some collective action.