We are living in a world where everything is moving too fast. Scenes flash too rapidly. We have a proliferation of technology in our lives.

Everyday cinema screens telecast new love stories, TV screens offer a variety of dramas and yes of course in Pakistan every day you are provided with latest versions of morning shows.

News channels telecast various ways of committing crimes by enacting the crime stories. Entertainment channels all day long play gibberish music. Yesterday you listened to 'Munni Badnaam Hui' and next day you were introduced with 'Mein Naughty Number 1'. 

Meanwhile, certain educational channels show numerous scientific advancements, introduce new surgery methods, find new animals. 

Fashion programmes manifest several ways of dressing.

A whole new world is just enclosed in Google Play, where you can get an app for everything. By just one click you can contact a whole new world, a world of social media. This virtual world allows you to take charge of your personality and provides you a platform to mold yourself.

We have so much to consume in the same span of 24 hours. Seemingly we are moving forward, but we are missing the true essence of life. We have coated our minds with the idea that we are progressing, but the more we develop the more we are pushed back.

It is a façade. To think that with all these rapid advancements we have made human life easy is lie to ourselves.

Life today is more complicated than ever. All the time we are like, ‘Let’s try this. Let’s try that.’ We relentlessly encounter such questions: ‘Hey! Have you tried snap chat or Instagram? Hey! Have you visited Republic? Hey! Do you ever visit Elan?’

In the past we had physical predicaments but today we are trapped by emotional and psychological disorders. These advancements might have made our lives easy, but they have had an adverse impact on us. Instead of enjoying a moment we are more worried about marking the memory on social media.

All this internet and commercialization has made machines and gadgets our masters. One must not be against development, but we must agree that this technology is draining away the very essence of being a “human being” i.e. “human that lives”.

This swift acceleration of technology has proved to be too much. It’s time to ask yourselves ‘Hey! Am I investing my energy in a right way? Am I satisfied with this life? Am I living?’

Instead of just becoming a toy in the hands of technology we must redefine our priorities. We should live life to its true spirit instead of just existing.