LAHORE - Pakistan Mulim League-Q and Pakistan People’s Party’s chiefs met here Sunday to devise strategy for upcoming Senate elections.

PML-Q president Ch Shujaat Hussain and PML-Q Punjab president Ch Pervez Elahi called on PPP president Asif Ali Zardari at Bilawal House and tried to find common grounds for their candidates in the upcoming Senate elections.

The meeting was highly significant in the backdrop of the recent change of reins in Balochistan last where opposition parties along with some disgruntled MPAs of ruling PML-N had elected PML-Q’s Abdul Quddus Bizenjo as chief minister after forcing out the PML-N’s Sanaullah Zehri, who had to resign tfrom the post sensing in inevitable in the no-confidence motion that had brought against him. The PPP does not have a single seat in Balochistan assembly yet it is strongly believed in the quarters of the PML-N that Zardari had played a very active role behind the curtain.

According to media reports, Chaudhary brothers sought Zardari’s support for their senate candidate from Punjab seat Kamal Ali Agha. In return, PML-Q may support PPP candidates in Balochistan where it has six MPAs and also support of 42 members in 65-member assembly. Zardari has already boasted to win senate seats from Balochistan despite not having a single vote in the provincial assembly.

Ch Shujaat said the PML-Q and the PPP may evolve common strategy for Senate polls in the country.  The leadership of two opposition parties also shared views on the current scenario in the national politics following legal cases against the Sharif family and the contempt law invoked against the PML-N leaders for passing slanderous remarks against the judiciary.