The 5th February is celebrated as Kashmir Day with great fervour across the country. Pakistani nation renews its promise to support Kashmiris at every level in processions, rallies and seminars. Govt also arrange functions just for formality.  Personalities related to Govt claim to have raised against Indian repression in the valley. No doubt, these celebrations are a good trend but we have to think or make an analysis, if we are fulfilling the hopes and expectations of the mothers, sisters and daughters of Kashmiri martyrs.

Kashmiri martyrs are wrapped in the flag of Pakistan before burial. But our rulers are disloyal with the Kashmiri martyrs only for the friendship and trade with India. The statement of Indian PM that blood and water cannot flow jointly is sufficient to open the eyes of Pakistani leadership and the nation. He has stated it again and again. Modi is causing bloodshed in Kashmir. He is acting upon the agenda of turning Pakistan into a desert after stopping its share of water. If Kashmiris haven’t resisted, India would have succeeded in constructing many dams and barrages. Punjab and Sindh would have become deserts.

Kashmiris have laid their lives to save the rivers of Pakistan. They saved our land from becoming barren. The blood of Kashmiri people have also mingled with the water of the lush green crops of Sindh and Punjab. If Kashmiris haven’t resisted thousands of Kulbhoshens have entered in Pakistan for destruction. Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives for the safety of Pakistan. Kashmiris have been striving against India for 27 years. Thousands of Kashmiri youths are being punished severely in Indian prisons. Mosques, madrasas, fields and houses are being burnt. Youths are being killed in fake competitions. The injured are being burnt instead of taking them to the hospitals.

The repressive tactics of Indian army have been immensely increased since the martyrdom of Burhan Vani. But this cruelty could not weaken the spirit of freedom. The state terrorism in Kashmir is not coming to an end. But the silence of international community is extremely condemnable. Curfew has been imposed in the valley since the martyrdom of Burhan Vani. Occupied Kashmir has become a volcano for India that can erupt any time. Indian army has wounded and made the people blindby using pallet guns. Modi is killing our people but our rulers are hankering after the friendship and trade with them. The ban on Indian movies in the country has been lifted.

Govt should have stopped all types of trade and diplomatic relations with India. Certainly Govt has no conscience at all. India has never accepted the ideology of Pakistan and its geographical position. Jihad of Kashmir is not a regional conflict or a dispute of a piece of land. Kashmiris are fighting the war of the completion of Pakistan. Govt has no choice. It should either support Kashmiris or develop friendship with India. India is killing our people. It is stealing water from our rivers. But our Govt has a strong desire to establish friendly relations with India. India is rejecting this friendship again and again.

India has imposed three wars on Pakistan. It has been using force against Kashmiris for 70 years. International community is completely blind to the hostilities of India. The Indian occupation forces have used pallet guns but no one has condemned their action. This weapon has wounded and blinded many children, youths and women. Kashmiris are suffering from permanent tension due the continuous curfew. India has banned the newspapers, TV and internet. International community is unaware of the prevailing conditions in Kashmir because of this ban. This ugly aspect should be presented before the world. But our Govt has not bothered to take necessary and solid measures in this regard.

Pakistan is an atomic power and our nation is brave. Our Govt has no sympathy for Kashmiris and its policies are in favour of India. The people of Kashmir has expressed their concern over it. We are not fearful of the threats of Modi and Trump. On 5th Feb not only Pakistani and Kashmiri but all peace lovers that are against the state terrorism and atrocities of India will celebrate Kashmir Day. It is decided that India cannot sustain its occupation on Kashmir. It has to quit. We should think how much we have contributed to the struggle of Kashmiris. Nawaz Govt has not appointed a permanent Foreign Minister during its three years that could raise its voice against Indian repression at every international forum. I shall demand that Govt should appoint at least a deputy Foreign Minister that can be able to work out a permanent solution of Kashmir issue. Govt should establish a relief fund for the medical treatment of the injured. UN has turned a blind eye to Indian terrorism. Though the same UNO has been actively involved in the division of Eastern Timor, South Sudan and Pakistan. The UN has turned a deaf ear to all the appeals of Kashmiris. We announced a Kashmir March from Muzaffarabad to Chakothi Sector previous year because we do not accept LOC. India cannot separate Kashmiris on both sides. Kashmir is a gateway to our relations with India. If India is unwilling to resolve the Kashmir issue we should not try to have friendly relations with India.

The whole world acknowledges the right of self-determination of Kashmiri people. Its basic reason is the unprecedented struggle of Kashmiris. The recent resolution and debateabout Kashmir in British Parliament is an important development. Time will come when the people of Kashmir will have the right of self-determination. They will be able to decide their own fate.

(The writer is Senator and Ameer JI Pakistan)



Srinagar : Kashmiri villagers offer funeral prayers near the body of a civilian Rayees Ahmed Ganie in Narapora, south of Srinagar on January 31, 2018. Rayees Ahmad Ganie died in a hospital after army opened fire in Ganowpora village of Shopian district on January 27 –AFP