As we all know that technology is gaining ground in today's modern world by the constant efforts of the highly intellectual scientists who have been successful in burning the candle at both ends yet making lives of people tremendously easier in a vast scale influencing the world differently in every field of life.

Today, I will discuss with you that how technology can lead to more obstacles and complications in our lives because in history we have studied that countries used to fight with each other for power, land and authority but now it is expected that world war three will start in the future on the base of technology as it will take over everyone. Instead of people and countries, the robots will combat with each other.

Therefore, in this article linking the developments to the day of judgment and how some countries are preparing for WW3.

When Holy Quran was revealed Arabs did not have any use of technology because they were unfamiliar of it but there's a clear proof that a few technological innovations whose names were unpronounceable now have come into our lives as predicted 1400 years ago. Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad's (PBUH) prediction was a huge development in technology and science.

Science and technology simultaneously work together, just like too many irons in the fire.

We all see the use of technology in transportation, education, communication, businesses, agriculture, manufacturing, purchasing and much more. Today businesses have become cost effective by achieving economies of scale as amount of money spent on individuals and their training was much expensive than now when businesses can develop by using more technology and less human resources.

Whereas, unlike the past when communication was limited to letter writing, it took months to receive the letter due to slow postal services but now with one click we can talk across seven seas.

Education has become easier compared to old times when there was more use of libraries but now libraries can be accessed via a mobile app whereas transportation has benefited people by saving time and is a basic need today because of the advanced innovations like airplanes compared to old time when the mean of transportation was camels and horses.

The prediction of Holy Prophet (PBUH) links all these technological development with the Day of Judgment.

He said, "The Day of Judgment will not establish until very tall buildings are constructed." And "the last Day of Judgment will not establish until time will pass quickly." It is clear that the time will pass in few seconds and that's what is happening nowadays. Years pass like months, months pass like weeks and weeks pass like days. We see every country wants to build enormous buildings than the other thinking as their popularity or setting themselves on fire.

People have become hand and glove with technology that they can't even think to survive without it, depending upon it widely. This ease of technology by the scientists was provided just to make our lives comfortable but people use it insanely. They no more work by hands instead robots and machines are used to complete the tasks given by the user. This constant use is resulting in mental sickness and different health problems that have never heard before as at the time of meal, phone calls are answered, TV is watched, at time of sleep mobile is kept under the pillow which results in damaging the brain tissues by strong radiations and causing brain illness.

Our lives have become so unorganized by an excessive use of mobile phones and machines that people are becoming heartless by living in homes of stones and marbles. They no more feel to communicate or talk to their loved ones and relatives lively but sadly at times of getting together, everyone get busy with their gadgets leading to separation of hearts and building a wide space within relationships.

Moreover, technology has become a new trend and a war between people socially that leads to a further gap between the poor and rich as poor can't afford to buy such highly cost gadgets. Therefore, there's always a war within hearts and minds between people who are able to buy better and advanced mobile phones, TVs and laptops etc resulting in materialism. People are judged on their class, occupation and materials that they own not on their personality as a person yet creating hostilities, hatred, complex and jealousy between people as more classes are likely to be formed now with development of technology. People leave their prayers just by spending time on different activities. Nowadays, there are machines and small sensors that can control the body temperature and diagnose health problems as expected there won't be need of doctors in future. Everyone would have one's own psychiatrist because of the mental sickness.

On economical level, businesses and firms are in constant market competition and a war of producing advanced, innovational products better than the other firms. Just by producing such equipment and products these firms give false colouring on names of technology to earn more revenues and profits while the people keep on purchasing these things without thinking that if these things get unviable in future then what's going to happen? I expect that in coming future one of the country will become so powerful in technology that all other industries and factories in the world will shutdown eventually the country becoming the super power.

It is also expected that in future different countries will make their army of robots who will fight with the opposite army with technological weapons. How scary is that! Isn't it? I just want to make you understand that anything which is used in access is not beneficial rather it makes complications.

 There were people who used to work by hands, had peace in their lives and were happy in low incomes compared to today when we have everything but still we lack in peace, happiness, mental satisfaction and love. We are spoiling as our lives have become so fast that we don't even give time to our families, we no more read books rather stay on social media for hours, we no more visit beautiful places to relax our minds but what we do is by staying and confining b ourselves in homes and not talking to each other for days. We are destroying our mother earth by our own hands. Does anyone hurt their mother? Remember, nature does not need us we need nature.

Slowly and gradually everything will end as everything has an end. Every life will taste death. We need to focus on every aspect that was predicted by Holy Prophet (PBUH) that how all these developments are taking us no where but giving us a message that the Day of Judgment is near. The creation of tall buildings, development in infrastructure, disrespect of parents, creation of sects in Muslims, innovational inventions, and the knowledge that will give no benefit, all are the symptoms of the Day of Judgment.

Technology no doubt is amazing and has comforted us vastly but still limited use should be made of it keeping in mind our health, relationships, our goals and our motive of life that why are we sent to this world and what's our destination. That's how we will be successful by balancing our life.

Please don't forget that we have to die as well one day and nothing will benefit us expect our good deeds. We should follow the Sunnah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and work upon them by reading the Holy Quran everyday and becoming a good Muslims and by helping others. By giving a good message we can save each other from the social evil.