LAHORE - PPP Punjab President Qamar Zaman Kaira has asked Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad to mend his ways after PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto has said sorry over what he said about him.

“I ask Sheikh Rashid enough is enough. If he does not restrain himself from speaking against the PPP chairperson and continued uttering the obnoxious remarks against him, then no-one will be spared from this practice,” Kaira told the media conference after PPP Punjab Executive Committee meeting here yesterday.

Commenting on the remarks made by Information Minister Fawad Ch wherein he said former President Asif Ali Zardari spending the rest of his life either in jail or in London, Kaira asked Fawad ‘whether you know where you will be in the time to come.” “Your activities have also been criminal,” he added alluding to the Minister.

Flanked by Ch Manzoor Ahmad, Ch Aslam Gill, Malik Usman and Syed Hassan Murtaza, the PPP Punjab President said, attempts are being made at amending the 18th constitutional amendment to snatch away powers of the Parliament and the provinces but the PPP will defend the 18th Amendment forcefully and will  not allow the government to realize its purpose. The PPP will move every forum to keep the 18th Amendment intact, he resolved. He said the government is attempting to get rights from the provinces of collecting GST on services  and Agri tax. It is a pity that the PTI government having failed to deliver is now going to take away rights of the provinces, he added.

He said price hike at present in the country is so much so that the international agencies too are acknowledging this fact after the PPP had raised this issue. But the PM and Information Minister are making contradictory statement on this matter, he added.

He said the PM took notice on the excessive gas bills but the fact it is not the bills but actually the rates of gas have been jacked up.

Kaira also expressed serious concern at prime minister for his not visiting the victims of Sahiwal tragedy nor calling them to himself for putting balm on their wounds. He also demanded constitution of judicial commission for looking into the incident which claimed life of four innocent persons. He also blamed the government for attempting control on media and added, in the world today control on media is not possible.

He also demanded proper medical treatment to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. He posed why Nawaz Sharif was kept at Services Hospital and not at PIC when he was a cardiac patient. He also overruled any ‘deal’ the PML-N is going to have to seek release of Nawaz Sharif and the PPP for its leadership and said, such misgivings should be avoided. I don’t think that the PML-N is going to strike any deal however certain ministers are giving air to such like matters with purpose. He said there should be a second person with whom the deal is struck but who is he in this deal matter, he posed. The PM is not in a position to give NRO since ‘he has been given limited powers,’ he said. He also demanded for checking the FIR which he added, was raiding to cause the undue harassment to the people.