With many accolades to his name, Deepak Perwani is known in the fashion industry for his impeccable taste in fashion and his exquisite design philosophy. Born in a Hindu Sindhi community of Pakistan Deepak Perwani is marvellously serving the fashion industry for almost two decades now. His forte lies in giving attention to miniscule details and beautifully formulated designs.

Deepak Perwani is one of the most renowned names in the world of fashion designing, who has earned himself numerous accolades because of his unbound talent and aesthetic excellence. He is one of the most well-reputed and brilliant fashion designers who is well recognized for his ability to make aesthetically exceptional pieces and to give great attention to finesse. This man with endless talent has made it big both at the national and international front, and is a complete package of creativity, aesthetics and versatility. He likes to experiment with structure and silhouette often opting for a streamlined frame that balances traditional with contemporary. Deepak Perwani is successfully running his outlets along with participating in the world wide Fashion shows.

 In an exclusive interview with Sunday Plus, Mr. Perwani echoed his thoughts and talked about his exceptional design aesthetics when it comes to the world of fashion. Following are the excerpts.

S+: Tell us about your journey in the fashion industry?

My journey in fashion industry began in 1994. I started with both women and men’s wear line which was completely western for its time and for its days.

S+: What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is very very simple. We like minimal of chic but we also like man and woman to take chances to be part of the global village and we keep the international fashion in mind while designing.

S+: What makes Deepak Perwani’s outfit unique?

Any outfit made by a designer should be unique and should also define the designer’s ethos or designer’s philosophy and when you wear Deepak Perwani, anybody can tell that the outfit is made or designed by Deepak Perwani.

S+: Who has been your mentor? Who is your muse?

I have not had many mentors. I have had many muses, Amina Haq had been a muse of mine, Madhia khan, Nadeem Naqvi and also Faiza Ansari has been a muse.

S+: What comments do you have about frugal fashion?

I think fashion should be taken as a business and there is nothing frugal about it.

S+ Describe your perfect client.

The perfect client is the one who believes in your design philosophy, doesn’t talk too much, doesn’t want to change colours for the heck of changing colours  and loves what you make.

S+: Define couture. A lot of clothing in Pakistan is being sold in the name of couture. What are your comments on this situation?

I guess for Pakistani couture or I think for subcontinent, couture would mean the wedding outfit because that is how we tend to design or look at our collections. I mean there is no concept of something called luxury pret. Pret is pret whether it’s made in cotton or pure silk. Same way when we say couture we mean ‘haath ka kaam’ so that’s basically people think its bridal.

S+: How comfortable and competitive is the fashion industry in Pakistan for a brand?

Pakistani fashion industry is very comfortable and competitive in today’s day and age. There are lots of brands in the market and everybody wants to have a piece of fashion whether its retail giants or the textile mills or whether its small brands or even the women who work from the house, everybody wants a piece in Pakistani market.

S+: How do you handle criticism, especially when it is coming from people who were once your close friends?

I tend to handle criticism very well especially when it is positive. I appreciate people who give me positive feedback because I think it’s very important for the growth of any person or any business.

S+: Tell us about your upcoming 2014?

Upcoming 2014 is very very bright. We are opening two new stores. We have just open up a new store at Dolmen Mall so things are looking up for us. We’ve also got a new collaboration of lawn coming up.

S+: Fashion always moves in cycle over the years. What is your fashion forecast for winter/fall 2013?

Our collection is based on the pottery of IZNIK and Central Asia; we have drawn our inspiration from Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and from a lot of Turkish cot. So our inspiration is also sort of defined by the bridal market and of course keeping winter as a season in mind.

S+: Any particular changes you would like to bring to the fashion industry?

So far the fashion industry is doing pretty good, if it just came together a little bit and showed a little bit of solidarity I think they’ll be fantastic.

S+: What are the pre requisites to be a successful designer in Pakistan?

I think individual style is very important to be a successful designer and you must have a sense of business.

S+: You are internationally acknowledged. Do you think Pakistani fashion resonates well with the international trends?

I think most Pakistani fashion resonates very well with international trends as we do not tend to follow a lot of Bollywood in Pakistan so Pakistani designers do look at the international forecast, international colours, and international cut as they design their collections. Now that there are so many international brands in Pakistan, everything seems to be a very small village to be working out of. So if you are not in through with what is happening internationally, you can just go to Mango or Next or any other international brand outlet and see it, and you can understand as to what people want.

S+: In your opinion what role does the price play in the success of a pret line?

I think price is very important depending on the cut line you want to do or the target market you have for your clients. Anything cheaper is a benefit for the client and if its value for money, even better!

S+: How do you strike a balance between your personal life and work?

I work very hard and I party very hard! So I kind of balance my life pretty well. I work six days a week and I work from 11 to 7 everyday.

S+: What would you like to suggest to the upcoming designers?

I would suggest them to keep your focus, work hard and if you got the talent you’ll make it!

S+: What is the best advice you have received so far?

Well I think the best advice I have received so far is follow your heart and to the right thing.

S+: Message for our readers.

Work hard whatever goal you might have and you will achieve it.

Rapid Fire

You are addicted to…


Your extravagance is…


Describe yourself in three words…

Hardworking, hyper and super creative.

Name a city that would be iconic for your brand?

New York

Your style icon is…

 Grace Kelly

One thing that shouldn’t be a part of anyone’s closet?

White shoes

Your favourite designer?

I have too many! For now the new team at Valentino