Is it just me? Or is it that everyone seems to have developed a connection with a life that may seem just matter to many?  What is it that has left man dazzled with an irrevocable sense of loneliness that our most intimate friend is the Internet? Her is sure to bombard the viewer with such questions that have perhaps already become a reality of our times. Joaquin Phoenix in his remarkable portrayal of Theodore Twombly living a life totally infused with technology delivers us a love story of a much different sort but not very unimaginable still.

Theodore lives in an age where technology has perhaps reached its ultimate potential. He works at a company that produces digitally-produced handwritten letters for people who want to send something memorable to themselves or others. Either by pure coincidence or by destiny, he comes across a new innovation of artificially-intelligent operating systems and decides to try it out. His operating system then fully customizes according to his voice overtones and facial expressions,and then adapts and evolves with time to become more responsive to Theodore’s professional and personal needs.Ultimately it turns into a person; only that she is artificial. That marks the beginning of Theodore’s love for a woman he couldn’t even touch. The question is; can a guy fall in love with his operating system? The odds may seem low at the moment and artificial intelligence may never replicate human intelligence anytime but it may serve to provide a man or a woman comfort and care when there is no human around to do that for him or her.

Indeed, Her seems to remind us of a very important situation in our modern-day lives. Technology has already begun to control our lives. We don’t spend a minute without checking up on our devices if we had received a message or an email. Yet we never ponder over how shallow our relationships actually have become. We all know how disconnected we have become from our own friends and families in an age that boasts of connecting people, yet maybe it isn’t our fault. Everyone is seeking love in this world. The only question is; can artificial intelligence provide them that love? The fact that we seek attention and affection from people; can that be replaced by the affection of a robot? Probably not. But Her does present a strong case that maybe people won’t even have a choice. Amy Adams after her doomed relationship with her husband seeks solace in talking to her operating system that seems to know more about Amy than Amy herself. Can friendship be selfless in today’s world then? An artificial intelligence which has got nothing to lose would certainly have no problems in providing Amy that support. But can the same be said about a human? Can he do the same for Amy? If not, then maybe technology is man’s best friend, soul-mate, lifepartner, whatever you’ll like to call it. Because then man can’t care for the one thing he boasted that robots could never even possess; feelings.