A Kashmiri leader, Sardar Atiq A Khan, announced to overrun the Line of Control of Kashmir-the Line of Control on November 24. He did so after a 100 days of a wave of subjugation of Kashmiris by Indian forces. It is not certain if he will be able to remove the divisional line that splits Kashmir into two halves but it’s very clear that Kashmiris were left with no option but to overrun this forced division of their territory. 

Pakistan should use the opportunity to internationalise the issue once again. Sardar Atiq is also expected not to withdraw his call. He must be supported by Kashmiris of either parts of the divided land. The issue cannot be solved militarily but through peaceful means like suggested by Sardar Atiq. The LOC is a brutal divide between the people of Kashmir and thus must be removed. 


Islamabad, November 14.