Taking the cue from Durrani, it can be argued that the state of Pakistan was pragmatic in its approach in the 80s for supporting the Afghan Mujahideen. We played a high stake game in which we gathered diplomatic support from the all over the world. However, the same countries which supported us at the time are now jumping at the opportunity of painting Pakistan as a safe haven of terrorists.

Trump has given a new years gift to Pakistan in the form of a cut in the economic aid. India is growing its influence not only in Afghanistan by providing economic and military assistance but also in the Middle East by, simultaneously, getting closer to the Arab countries and Israel.

It appears that the policy of active containment and occupation is being drawn against Pakistan. Now, Pakistan should once again play the cards at what it has to be played.

“What we did was the requirement at that time….One played the card at what it was to be played….They (U.S) deluded themselves in believing that they were allies. Actually, they were not.” – Lt. General Asad Durrani