It is common knowledge that the world powers are now more dependent on their defence policies rather the foreign policies. It looks now that the foreign policies are supplementing their support to defence strategies.

It is seen in the most recent times where even President Donald Trump preferred to go to the Middle East with defence policies with the strategised plan. Similarly, many others have adopted the same mode of cementing friendship and future cooperation.

Defence strategies of every country have gained more attention after 9/11 and it is fetching more and more importance. President Donald Trump promised Saudi Arabia protection against any aggression by supplying them defence equipment. Russia is using their defence strategy not only against his enemies but helping all the opponents of USA starting from Syria to Yemen and other trouble pockets. Similarly, China is paying more attention to enhance its defence-diplomatic policy and this new term given by me is, in fact, an emerging trend.

The three world powers USA, China and Russia are not respected because of their diplomatic skills but for their defence skills; hence, the defence might is a more effective tool to promote their national interest. The countries worldwide are extending their defence budget as this realisation is now increasing that diplomatic romance can only work to some extent but it fails to protect the boundaries and aggression.

Iranian King Raza Pehlvi was the best diplomat and had the best of relations with the West but even his diplomacy could not save him. I met his son Ali-Reza Pehlvi in Washington over a dinner and had a long chat with him. I was sorry to see how his family was forced to scatter out and the feeling was that they depended more on diplomacy and lesser on their defence strategy. Why the USA got Iranian Kingdom to fall is another story of a war between communism and imperialism. Now the worldwide impression is that the first thing to protect a country from foreign aggression is to have a strong defence policy coupled with the strong well-equipped defence strategy.

Saudi Arabia has always been under threat from Yemen despite the fact that Saudi Arabia has been supporting the tribes between Saudi Arabia & Yemen but it continued source of trouble. Similarly, the dispute between Iran and UAE will continue, as both sides are not prepared to give in vis-à-vis control on three islands at the mouth of Strait of Hormuz.

In the present Middle Eastern situation, only Pakistan is the country, which had strengthened its defence. Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had the vision and he decided to pursue nuclear bomb in the wake of the hegemonic stance of India and surrounding geopolitical changes. He had practically seen that the diplomacy alone could not save East Pakistan and the foundation laid by ZAB made us a first Muslim nuclear state and that is our strength.

We are also a source of strength for friendly countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE, which have very rightly chosen us to be part of Pak defence strategy and Pak Army is presently providing full defence support both at internal security and training to the forces of these countries. We are glad to note that even it is our Army, which is protecting the vital installations including Royal palace, and this confidence has been given by our COAS.

I also have first-hand knowledge that the recent deposits of $3billion each are in fact the reward of silent diplomacy of Gen Bajwa who has given a great level of confidence to the top leadership of both the countries.

I would like to highly commend H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan for his generous support to Pakistan by depositing a hefty amount of US$3 billion in the State Bank of Pakistan. The people of Pakistan are thankful to UAE Government and the UAE Crown Prince for his support in difficult times when Pakistan is passing through a financial crisis. UAE’s generous support in our difficult times to boost Pakistan economy will further strengthen the relationship between two friendly and brotherly countries.

The credit of receiving this generous support from UAE and Saudi Arabia doesn’t go to the present Government. The credit actually goes to our defence strategy under the command of COAS General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the continuity of Bajwa doctrine and his consistent efforts made possible that both Saudi Arabia and UEA deposited their amounts i.e. US$3 billion each in the State Bank to enhance Pakistan’s liquidity and monetary reserves of foreign currency.

The people wonder as to why the government is unkind not to give this credit to the silent and shuttle diplomacy of Gen Bajwa, which actually made it possible. The government should have shown magnanimity by giving full credit to General Qamar Javed Bajwa who managed huge funds for Pakistan. Pakistan’s policy on the Middle East and South Asia is more of our Defence Strategies instead of any bilateral ties and time is proving that it is a less foreign policy and more defence strategy, which is playing a vital role in building relations with other countries. I hope that the government will give full credit of this achievement to the Bajwa doctrine and will hold to take credit under the cover of bilateral relations with these countries —-Thanks General Qamar Bajwa for restoring the friendly communication back between Middle East & Pakistan.

I actually have pointed out that your defence strategic achievements are the real national strength and today our friendly countries can blindly trust us.

In fact, pure defence is the best defence of Foreign Policy in this complicated and complex world.


The writer is Chairman of think tank “global eye” & former Interior Minister of Pakistan.