LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has been moved against barring the dual nationality holders from holding the government jobs.

A petition was filed on Friday in the LHC (LHC) by Dr Adeel Anwar – a Pakistani British citizen. He pleaded that Pakistani citizens holding dual nationality have the right to vote, invest, marry and do business in Pakistan, whereas the move of not allowing them for government posts was an act of discrimination.

The petition says, “As per the constitution, discriminatory behavior cannot be adopted for any individual of the state. Hence, the decision of refusing government jobs to dual nationals shoould be declared null and void.”

On December 15, the Supreme Court of Pakistan had declared that those holding dual nationalities could not retain top government posts, pointing out that they will either have to choose the government job or their citizenship of other country.

Recently, the appointment of Prime Minister’s Special Assistant on Overseas Pakistanis Syed Zulfikar Ali Bukhari alias Zulfi was challenged in the Supreme Court. However, the court permited him to serve as a special assistant to the premier. The court clarified that its verdict pertaining to dual nationality is applicable on ministers. And that it does not bar any person from serving as special assistant to the PM.

The Supreme Court had dismissed the petition seeking his disqualification but restrained him from exercising powers of a minister.

The chief justice, referring to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stated mission of ending corruption and favouritism from the country, had remarked, “In Naya Pakistan, qualified persons should be appointed. The court will see whether he [Bukhari] was appointed on the basis of personal liking.”

Abid Boxer’s bail extended till 17th

A sessions court on Friday extended the interim bail already granted to former Punjab police inspector Abid Boxer till 17th in four different cases.

The cases filed against him are pertaining to land grabbing, fraud and kidnapping. During the hearing, the investigation officer submitted a report on the progress made so far in the cases.

Earlier, the accused had been acquitted in five cases by a court. He has dined the allegations levelled against him. He had earlier accused former Punjab chief minister Shehbaz Sharif of using his political influence to get field “frivolous” cases against him.

In February last year, he was arrested in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and extradited to Pakistan through Interpol. He had joined the police department in 1988 as an assistant sub-inspector and was later promoted as inspector. He had left the country after various cases were lodged against him.