LAHORE - Muslim countries should demonstrate unity to counter the US designs to impose war and create instability, said Jamaat-e-Islami chief, Senator Sirajul Haq, on Saturday.

In a statement issued from Mansoora, he said American President Donald Trump was bent upon imposing war on Muslim world without realizing the severity of the situation.

The US war against a Muslim state, warned Siraj, would not remain confined to a specific country or region but it would engulf the entire world, resulting in death of millions of people, starvation, destruction and catastrophe. He said the status quo parties become united when it came to matter of their self interest. It had been proved now that their sole agenda was not to serve the masses but to protect their own interests, he added. The JI, he said, was striving hard for the supremacy of the constitution and believed that law should be equal for all.

He appreciated the role of media in exposing the duality of some political parties, saying the national press was playing a vital role in creating awareness among the people despite government curbs and restrictions. He condemned the recent hike in petroleum prices, expressing concern that the prices of daily use items would go beyond the public reach. The people, he said, were desperate and unable to make their both ends meet in the prevailing situation. He said the IMF had virtually taken control of the state affairs and all policies were being made on the direction of the international lending agency. He warned the rulers against rising public anger on government policies, saying the masses could anytime take to the streets to oust the incapable regime if the issues of inflation and unemployment were not addressed immediately.

JI won’t back amends to Army Act: Baloch

The Jamaat-e-Islami has decided not to back the government proposed amendments to the Army Act in a view to keep intact the uncontroversial status of the country’s armed forces, said JI Deputy Chief Liaqat Baloch on Saturday.

In a statement issued from Mansoora, he maintained that legislation became controversial and weak when it was made for the sake of individual.

Baloch said the government amendments in the Army Act would create ambiguity. He questioned the haste displayed by the ruling party in introducing changes in the act in a situation when it already filed a review petition in the apex court on the verdict about COAS extension. He regretted the government inability had already landed the national institution into an embarrassing situation and now the prime minister did not bother to consult the opposition parties on the amendment act.