The ‘Let’s Green Turbat’ team needs to launch campaigns for planting numerous trees to protect the city’s environment, which has suffered badly because of climate change and is getting hotter every year.

According to a report, the city’s temperature has been recorded above 50 °C and is the hottest part of the country. Its residents are suffering from heatwaves due to a lack of rainfall for more than seven years. There is an urgent need for planting trees. This unbearable hot weather without any rains has also caused a shortage of water and long hours of load shedding. The farmers are unable to maintain a steady sale of their productions in markets. The residents of Turbat humbly request the Let’s Green Turbat team and Agriculture or Forests Department to continue planting more and more trees to reduce the high temperature. We hope that immediate action will be taken by Let’s Green Turbat team to improve Turbat’s environment.