LAHORE - Senator Sirajul Haq, head of the Jamaat-i-Islami ,has said the government has no plans to solve the economic problems of the masses and it is making futile efforts to divert people’s attention to non-issues. He was addressing the central executive of the JI at Mansoora. Sirajul Haq said that the masses wanted to be relieved from price hike and unemployment.  However, he said, the government’s ‘achievement’ during its one- year rule was nothing except price spiral, unemployment and ‘slavery’ of the IMF. He said the JI wanted accountability of all corrupt elements and no relief could be provided to the people without the recovery of the plundered wealth. The JI chief further said that the government was playing on a weak wicket and added that censorship and restrictions on the media were not acceptable.

He said that horse trading was going on as in the past while individuals who had been part of the previous government and of Musharraf were already included in the present cabinet. The JI chief said his party was against the rule of individuals and families and wanted the rule of the constitution and the law.