ISLAMABAD - Police rounded up a person who allegedly offered bribe to a police official against the release of a drug peddler.

A police spokesman informed that Saddar Beroni Police held a drug peddler named Murad Khan with 2650 gram of Charas and moved him to police station.

Later, a person and brother of alleged drug peddler named Doulat Khan came at Ranayal Chowki and offered a bribe of Rs 80,000 to Sub Inspector Umer Saddique against the release of his brother. Umer Saddiue refused to take the bribe and sent him behind the bar under sections of bribery. City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi, Muhammad Ahsan Younis Faisal Rana hailed the honesty of police official and said nobody should dare to challenge the supremacy and writ of law.