US Secretary Hillary Clinton and Senator John Kerry have come and gone, repeating their refrain to 'do more, but demanding specific measures to prove what Pakistan has done, in particular over their obsession with action against the Haqqani faction of the Afghan Taliban, which was hurting them the most in their supposed campaign to bring their kind of peace in Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban feel that their country has been unjustifiably attacked and occupied by the same forces, which exploited their religious sentiment against the Soviet invasion. Pakistan, becoming a frontline proxy casualty by default or choice, has continued since then to bear the brunt of the ugly fallout. This is the whole story in a nutshell and you can add on and spin what you wish to the tale. Having ample evidence that the Pakistani political leadership was a spineless and mindless surrogate tool in the game, one expected the so-called proactive and free press in Pakistan to do its homework and pluck courage to apprise the 'masters that their indulgence in the region was very unwelcome, as was their claim of stakes, which clearly smelt of hegemony and containment of the rising power of the Chinese, and eying the riches of Central Asia and the Persian Gulf. They ought to have been discretely told by our rulers that after a decade long misadventure they were expected to come out wiser and seek a graceful exit, rather than insist on leaving behind an order of their choice, which would be a terrible mistake. Nothing could be removed from reality than a columnists assumption that religious extremism in FATA and other places in Pakistan existed prior to US arrival. Pakistan like other countries indeed has its share of internal frictions, which are never a threat to its ideological being. It is another matter that for some neo-liberals, who think that it is a country by default, ideology appears to be a very uncomfortable pill for them to swallow. As for the countless madrassahs, they were and continue to be an alternative to the hopeless educational system of the country. The possible use of a few of these madrassahs as militant nurseries, if true, should be the handiwork of the CIA surrogate Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, a mercenary outfit so named and planted to vandalise the good name of Afghan Taliban, and provide a pretext to the US to act as they wished. Pakistan has done nothing to expose them. Pakistan hitherto had been marching ahead, despite US sanctions on four crucial occasions in the past. In the current thankless campaign, Pakistan has delivered infinitely more than what the allied forces may have together accomplished, whereas the US has spent over $171 billion in eight years in Afghanistan, at an average of $21.46 billion per year compared to barely $2 billion per annum to Pakistan, most of which is conditionally delivered. On Hillarys boastful claim to have provided $20 billion worth of assistance over the last decade to Pakistan most of which for war reparations to the armed forces, leaving not even peanuts for the country, someone ought to have told her that the US campaign had cost Pakistan over $70 billion in economic and opportunity loss. Besides, it has made priceless sacrifices in human life, leaving the country unstable and unsafe for investment, and in the process, earning it the title of a breeding ground for terrorism. The 'lady harped on the Abbottabad episode, but while a bigger catastrophe struck Pakistan she did not pause to reflect on the intent behind the targeting of US supplied P-3C Orions at the Mehran Naval Base. Such is the aversion to US presence and acquiescence by Pakistan that its own people are turning furious against the government. Hillary ought to have been told that those whom she brands as our common enemies have placed Pakistan as target number one ahead of the US because of Pakistans open support to it. Where is the equation, Madam And what justification in asking Pakistan to 'do more and decisively? Hillary was right in saying that the US could not and should not try to solve Pakistans problems, which it should solve itself. But then why Uncle Sam insist on assigning key role to India in Afghanistan, force Pakistan to call it quits with India, despite a number of unresolved issues including Kashmir, building dams over Pakistans share of waters flowing out of IHK in violation of the Indus Waters Treaty, Siachin and Sir Creek issues. Why did the US armtwist Pakistan not to accept cheap energy supply from Iran, despite our desperate energy crisis? Why has America tried to stall Pak-China cooperation on various development projects, including Gwader? If the US were indeed a friend, genuinely desirous of a long-term partnership, it ought to encourage Pakistan diversify its cooperation, rather than seek to isolate it from even its neighbourhood. It should help explore its immense natural resource potential, rather than seek to make it addicted to aid in return for doing mercenary duties. Uncle Sam The public opinion in Pakistan you complain about will automatically turn in your favour if you leave Pakistan and Afghanistan alone. Madam Clinton What do you say to the NATO bombing in Helmand and killing angelic faced infants? Public opinion is one thing you cannot mould if you continue to devastate their land and people. Remember The Taliban you urge Pakistan to bomb for you, are part of the real Taliban, who you seek to engage in dialogue to facilitate your exit. Think about it again, but dispassionately. Incidentally, no one among the Pakistani press corps remembered asking the visitor whatever happened to Kerrys pledge during his earlier visit to Pakistan that Davis would be tried back in the US. Despite the top man in the Oval Office proclaiming immunity for the CIA operative, it was proved beyond doubt that the fall guy was part of the US spy network laid in the country of which Pakistanis will never lose sight. And now that Gen Pasha has revealed in his closed-door briefing that he was released on orders from the President and PM, some square answers are demanded of these two men at the top. Some more questions Why was Raymond not charged for espionage, covert operations, subversion and spying against Pakistan with recovery of sensitive equipment and material from him? Who overturned the courts orders, which had placed him on the Exit Control List? Could such orders be trashed by anyone except the judiciary? If not, why was suo moto notice not taken by the court? How long will our leadership continue to sell their souls? When will they stop lying to the people, insulting their intelligence and self-esteem? The writer is a freelance columnist.