LONDON-A vet is facing the daunting task of finding new homes for a family of over 200 stick insects, after they were abandoned on his doorstep.

Resident vet Michael Morrice found the insects outside his practice in North Cheam, south-west London, along with a note from their former owner.

The note read: ‘I’m so sorry, but I’ve tried to rehome the stick insects without success.

‘Please could you find a new home for them as there are just too many and it’s not fair to them.

‘Thank you.’

Vet hunts for new homes for 200 abandoned stick insects

Since the insects were left at Maven Vets on May 22, the practice has given away dozens of the critters.

Practice manager Maureen Geraghty said the vets are only giving the stick insects away to those who are genuinely interested in looking after them.

She said: ‘They are fascinating creatures, we have got rid of several but we still have plenty left.

‘They are very small but there are more than 100 left and are giving them to people who genuinely want them.

 ‘We don’t normally give away pets but away but they were left on our doorstep so we are trying to do what we can.

Mr Morrice has even taken a few of the insects to his own home, but he received mixed responses from his family.

He said: ‘They are certainly an unusual pet for us to be presented with but we’re hopeful we can find good homes for them all.

‘I’ve even taken a couple home myself much to the delight of my three children though I’m not sure my wife is 100% thrilled.’