In the state of chaos, anarchy and mistrust, the code of election campaigns propounded by Election Commission is a first drop of blessed rain in the desert. The politics and elections revolve around some certain families in all the districts since it is the game which entails a heap of money. A person who does not belong to elite cannot imagine being a representative irrespective of his sincerity.

A couple of days back, an advertisement in newspaper caught my attention. It was given by a political party demanding applications for party tickets. With the application a bank draft was also required. How do we expect from a person, who invest a colossal amount in elections, to serve the nation honestly? His prime aim would definitely be to recover his capital with interest first.

The good omen of fair and free election is being warmly welcomed but there are certain apprehensions regarding the implementation. There are two facets. First is to ensure the abidance of rules and regulations during the election campaign since it is very hard to keep an eye on each constituency and second is to stop the flood of litigations after the election because every defeated candidate would rush to court and the Elections Commission. If a proper mechanism is also devised to deal with the aforesaid issues, it would help boost the trust and confidence of masses.


Lahore, February 28.