People have been complaining a lot that in the recent years there hasn't been a lot of good music made. And they are right. Because on the mainstream, there isn't quality music coming out.

But if you take in view the generational differences of the young ones consuming the music, as opposed to the older ones running the mainstream, you will see that these young consumers have now taken to their own mediums of listening to music.

It is the very same generation who is creating and publishing music through these platforms. This new crop of young musicians is creatively unbound and their musical expression is fun, young, and very relate-able.

Here is a list of a few of those artists who are taking the reposts infested and tumblr addicted generation's screens by storm and are worth checking out.


Describing themselves as a "Post-pop/Indie pop-rock Urdu" band, RUSHK's sound is the exact sound one would want to groove to, on hot summer nights. Tara's vocals, and great song-writing, make this band to put on your playlist for house parties. Or book readings.


The Tamashbeens

A soft rock band from Lahore featuring Jamal Abbas, Talaal Khan, Ali Hassnain and Shahenshah Bokhari, this band is just like the chocolate to whet the appetite of your sweet tooth. They've got a light, acoustic sound with the perfect blend of poetic lyrics and soft music to play when feeling like this mundane life is getting too much.


Sikandar ka Mandir

This band is the blend of pop, rock and folk music and their lyrical strengths speak a lot about the kind of work they create. Thoughtful, and an oxymoron of deep and shallow at the same time, their lyrics make the music play and it's kind of like getting lost in amalgam of thoughts that is being driven by the strums of the instruments.

Janoobi Khargosh

They've got a more indie pop sound, which they describe themselves as being a psychedelic indie band. Sure enough, their sound is colorful and topsy-turvy, but in a good way. It's kind of like being lost on the roads on a starry night, not knowing where one is going, but it's exciting nonetheless.


Shajie is an indie pop artist whose lyrics capture the essence of growing up perfectly. His lyrics, and the mellow music perfectly describe the confusions and emotions of a post young adult life where growing up hits you hard. Good thing we have Shajie's music to navigate through the rising tides of grown up life.

Ali Suhail

Ali is basically a music producer who also churns out his own work sometimes. "Journal Entries" is his collection of thoughtful lyrics and the accompanying light, sweet music. He plays the ukulele on the album himself. Apart from that, it's a fun album to listen to on long rides out at night or summer evenings.

Saad Follows

His music can be best described as the kind of music one listens to either when one is sad, or when one is walking by a graveyard. It's a dark blend of acoustic sounds and his weird, deep vocals bring an eerie feeling to the music he makes. It's experimental and deep.

Check out their music here on this playlist.