While you both are still busy fighting over who won the elections we are busy fighting, day in and day out for the safety of our children.

Rarely do I voice a strong opinion but today when my innocent 4 year old came home from school and told me how they were taught a new game to lie on the floor and cover their ears when the bell rings, it literally broke my heart. My 4 year old was so excited about this new game that they played in school and all I could think about was how I have failed as a parent to protect my child and how YOU have failed as leaders of this country to provide protection for our children, for the future of this country.

While you are busy building metro stations and hospitals, which cost billions, I have to question why don’t you have money to provide security to our children? Why? Is it because it’s not profitable for you? What could be more important than protecting the children of this country?

While you roam around in your bulletproof cars chaperoned by a fleet of armed cars and armed guards we are forced to send our children to school without any protection to fight YOUR battles and YOUR wars.

I am sorry to say this but you have failed as leaders of this country for a true leader would know his priorities and there should be no higher priority than protecting the children of this country.

So I would really appreciate it if you could come out of your bullet proof cars and protect our children and this country for that is what a true leader does!


Islamabad, February 3.