The death sentence of anti- terrorism court on four counts to Zainab case has given a sigh of relief to nationwide in general and to her family in particular. The question is whether this decision is sufficient to end for all such incidents in the future? Nevertheless, the death of Zainab has grieved the masses on the one hand and on the other hand woke up the families and state apparatus from the deep slumber of indifference. The way the murderer got to be known as her relative/neighbourer kidnapped her and murdered her intensified media cry led the State to give a serious thought, though such instances used to happenunnoticed. While lauding the role of media, nobody will like such instances happening in any part of the country, despite that like-wise incident in Tando Muhammed Khan took place with 12 years old girl. 

This most unfortunate incident has multiple dimensions: (1) Families are less careful towards their children’s wellbeing; (2) Why and how the person psychopaths like Imran have such heinous criminal mentality?; (3). State apathy to deal with social crimes of this nature. 

Sorry to say, this is also the eality that we as familues are not playing significant role with regards to our responsibilities towards children upbringing. We are much more pre occupied with our business and jobs that we pay little time to our families. In other words, our social, moral and spiritual life has been eclipsed by materialistic approach. 

A severe blunder on our part is our failure to focus on our children, making them feel less comfortable at home and thereby letting them to pass more time in streets; failure to keep our children at closely sharing and cooperative relationship and failing to meet children basic innocent needs whereby they are lured by others through lollipops or toffies. 

The prime responsibility of any family is to accord due affection to children which regrettably to say, families in general fail to provide. Due affection to kids inculcate a sense of security and closeness with parents. Parents sharing affection deters children from being close to others. In this regard let me quote here the beautiful words of Hazrat Ali (K.w) “Those who are left by their Owners, are fallen prey in the hands of Others.” 

The proper rearing of children on moral and ethics basis known to be better formal education is one of the significant responsibilities of parents. This ethical-specific family care and grooming are imperative for the children to stay safe from being distracted. 

Fourthly, family vigilance to children, friends and with those whom he/or she associates, plays and passes time as the outside association moluds the frame the mind and character of children. 

Besides family, the schools, Media and NGOs have to play its momentous role at large as teachers to be role model with proper moral guidance that will exercise restraint to be distracted. The media and NGOs time again need to carry on programmes/seminars for family and children about society’s consciousness. 

An off- putting neglected area of our society is: as to why and how such psychopaths are created in society. Psychopaths- those who are engaged in societal heinous crimes- are at first hand in need of cutting-edge research to find ways and modes for societal consciousness, thereby enabling the society and family to socialize their kids in such a way that prevent the growth of Psychopaths. Why has the younger generation developed devilish mindset which needs to researched and thereby checked? Such devilish mentality is very important to be checked by family’s significant socialization. What I firmly believe that the death sentence to one person on four counts is not Society’s real success, the society’s real success is the social development on ethical, moral and spiritual basis that would actually restrain the growth of psychopaths. Emile Drukheim says: “ Three groups to whom attachment is most important in producing morality: The Family, the Nation and the Humanity”. 


Karachi, February 20.