The last attack occurred in Quetta on Friday morning bore away the lives of many people. In the attack almost twenty people were killed and more than 48 injured by the massive blast. The attack claimed the lives of nine hazaras, including one frontier corps FC soldier who reputed for the community’s security. DIG Abdul Razzaq Cheema and the 10 others also became the victim of the attack. In the blast shopkeepers, businesspersons and other citizens who were working or residing in the area also lost their lives by the attack. However, the attack took place in a green grocer’s shop. According to the NCHR target killings was a suicide attack and bomb blast have inflicted harm to daily life, education and business activities of ethnic Hazara community members in Quetta.

 Furthermore, the human rights stated that 509 members of hazaras community succumbed to injuries and 627 injured in various attacks of terrorists in Quetta during the last five years. In the same way, the hazarganji area in Quetta has been witches to similar attacks in the past.

Hazara shopkeepers sell stock vegetables and fruits from hazarganji bazaar to sell at their own shops.

At last, it is my humble request to the government of Balochistan to take a serious action against those terrorists who are enemy of our citizens.


Karki, April 18.