LAHORE-In what appears to be a step towards dividing Punjab into two provinces, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani on Friday disclosed that PPP has created a separate organisation for South Punjab for an effective organisation of the party. 'Punjab is a big province and it is difficult for one provincial President to mobilise the people. It has, therefore, been decided to form another organisation in Punjab to run party affairs in an effective manner, he said while talking to representatives of print media at his DHA residence here. The Prime Minister further revealed that a senior PPP leader from Rahimyar Khan, Makhdoom Shahabuddin has been nominated as first President of the partys new organisation in the Southern Punjab. Gilani said that Makhdoom was one of the oldest party leaders with a lot of following in South Punjab and parts of Sindh. He said party has picked up a senior most person from the region to avoid any criticism. 'When I alongwith Begum Nusrat Bhutto took oath as the then Federal Minister in the first Cabinet of Benazir Bhutto, people then raised eye brows, as I was the youngest party man taken in the Cabinet from that region, Gilani said while justifying nomination of an oldest politician as provincial President of partys new organisation. Makhdoon Shahabuddin is currently Federal Minister for Textile Industry and also a member of partys Central Executive Committee. He also served as Federal Minister for Finance in Benazir Bhuttos Cabinet. Gilani said that Imtiaz Safdar Warraich will continue as provincial President for partys central Punjab organisation. To a question about boundaries of the South Punjab province if it is created at some stage, the PM said that partys manifesto committee would settle this issue. Responding to a question, he said those talking of restoring old status of Bahawalpur as a separate State, had been planted to prevent creation of new province comprising South Punjab. He said PPP was committed to making a new province because it was the voice of the people from that region. To a question about granting MFN status to India, the Premier clarified that Cabinet had just given a go-ahead single to the Ministry of Commerce and trade to settle modalities of the agreement on favourable terms with the neighbouring country, adding, that a final decision in this regard would be taken after conclusion of taken between Secretaries of Commerce of the two countries who are scheduled to meet in India very soon. The PM was of the view that Cabinets approval was necessary before start of negotiations with any country regarding signing of MoU on any issue. He said India had been the biggest obstacle in the way of Pakistani goods access to European markets, but now Indian leadership had assured that it would withdraw its objections after granting of MFN status to their country. The Premier said: 'We should keep in mind that our best friend China which also has border disputes with India, is also having trade relations with that country. He made it clear that Pakistan will not take any decision which is against its national interest. He also said that before taking a final decision in this regard, it would also be ensured that local industry is not affected in any way. 'Nobody should doubt my patriotism, he affirmed, adding, 'I will do what is in countrys interest. He explained that granting of MFN status to India meant that Pakistan would not make any discrimination with India on trade as was the case with other countries. 'The agreement with India on MFN status, if concluded, would usher in an era of economic revolution in the lives of Pakistanis, he observed, adding, that overall relations between the India and Pakistan will also improve after improvement in trade ties. When asked if the issue of MFN status to India would be approved by the Parliament, he said that Parliament could be given briefing on the issue at appropriate time. To a question if Army has also been taken on board on the issue, he said: 'You people [media] often talk about non-interference of Army in governments affairs, and hence the question is uncalled for. He, however, said that it was an administrative decision to be taken by the Cabinet. To a question, he dispelled the impression that government had ever side-lined Kashmir issue in negotiations with India. 'All matters including Kashmir are taken up during the talks at all levels, he stated. Referring to his meetings with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh at Sharma-al-Sheikh and Mohali, Gilani said that he successfully convinced his counterpart to restart the process of negotiations telling him that 'terrorism was our common enemy and we should not abandon dialogue just because of one incident [Mumbai attacks]. He said PPP government will take all difficult decisions during its tenure. He said if present government could not resolve countrys problems, no other government will. He said other parties were just talking of issues, but only PPP would resolve them. When asked to comment on PML-Ns 'Go-Zardari-Go campaign, Gilani said it was nothing but an attempt on their part to prove their credentials as real Opposition. He said it was PML-Ns dilemma that it wanted to play the dual role of a government and the Opposition at the same time. 'Since Nawaz Sharifs party is also in the Government in Punjab which is 56 per cent of the country, people are not ready to accept it as real Opposition, he added. 'The PML-N fears that if it does not play Oppositions role, some other party will assume that role and it would be politically damaging for the party, he further stated. To a question about use of derogatory language by Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif at Bhaati Chowk rally against President Zardari, the PM said that people within the PML-N had not liked his remarks. When asked what will happen if the PML-N decided to get the Punjab Assembly dissolved and asked its MNAs to resign from the National Assembly just ahead of the coming Senate polls, the Prime Minister said that government will hold by-elections in case of such an eventuality. 'If they think they will rock the boat by exercising the option of resignations, I want to tell them that this is not going to happen, he said, adding, that Parliament will complete its tenure. He was confident that agitation and rallies posed no threat to the govt. He said that people were in favour of continuity of current system and will not become part of any conspiracy to derail democracy. 'If somebody did not like my face or for that matter had any problem with the President, he / she could adopt the Constitutional course to get rid of both of us, he said, adding, that he had never said that his government will complete its five-year term. 'I have always said that Parliament should be allowed to complete its full tenure, he clarified. To a question about recent show of power by PTI, the PM said that mass gathering at Imrans rally was infact a manifestation of disappointment of people about Punjab govts policies. To a question about import of electricity from Iran, the PM said that agreement had already been signed in this regard and Pakistan was just waiting for the completion of transmission line from other side of the border. 'Pakistan needs electricity at the moment, whether it comes from Iran, India or Kazakhstan He was of the view that electricity is expensive only when it is not available. Talking about Istanbul Conference, he said that Pakistan believed in stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan because it was our neighbour and shall remain so after 'others leave this country.