Kasur- A Christian couple was beaten to death by a mob over charges of desecration of 'holy pages' in Kot Radha Kishan on Tuesday.

The bodies of Shama Bibi and her husband were burnt in a brick kiln after the killing. DPO police said that the couple was accused of desecrating 'holy pages.' The police said that 42 people have been taken into custody over their alleged involvement into the killing. According to eyewitnesses, hundreds of enraged villagers took part in the execution in the presence of five policemen who watched the gory incident as silent spectators. Shahbaz Javed, a brother in law of Shama, said a false allegation was leveled on the couple who he said was illiterate. He said: "we will knock every door for justice.” Police have lodged a case against hundreds of suspects under different sections including murder and terrorism.