“Follow me if I advance. Kill me if I retreat. Revenge me if I die.”

–Ngo Dinh Diem

Four decades have passed since the Vietnam War; it is during the recent death anniversary of Ngo Diem that one recalls the atrocities of the war waged against the people Vietnam. Diem being an autocratic dictator and a puppet for Western Imperialist interests, failed to spark fervour and favourability amongst his people during his rule. His statements were considered disingenuous and lacked the backing of logic and truth. Juxtaposed by the history of our leaders, one can draw parallels between eventual ends autocratic dictators are more often than not fated to meet. It was not simply the disregard for the common man’s need that led to the assassination of Diem but also his inability to reform his greed and covetous nature that prompted it. Pakistan’s politicians should pay heed to his example and try to reform their ways.