DADU - Citizens Action Committee President Dr Abdul Jabbar has claimed that there is a severe shortage of medicines in Dadu Civil Hospital.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Dr Jabbar said that despite having heavy budget, the hospital was forcing patients to visit Hyderabad, Nawabshah or Karachi for their treatment.

He said that patients of diabetes, kidney disease, tuberculosis, hypertension, hepatitis of Dadu have been facing sever difficulties in their treatment due to unavailability  of medicines and most of patients have to travel to big cities like Karachi and Islamabad.

Dr Abdul Jabbar further claimed that x-ray and ultra sound machines and most of ambulances and heavy generators are not functional in civil hospital Dadu.

Despite heavy budget from the health department for purchasing medicines, vaccines and equipments for the entire district, the hospital administrations are unable to provide the medicine to the patients and there is a great shortage of various vaccines such as snake, dog-bite and others. He further alleged that more than one dozen doctors are running their private clinics and missing their official duties.