BEIRUT - The head of United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Lebanon said on Sunday that the UN agency is keen on securing protection for Palestinian refugees and the organization’s employees working in Mieh Mieh camp in Sidon, a local newspaper reported.

“UNRWA took all precautionary measures to ensure continuous services for the people in the camp,” Claudio Cordone was quoted by Elnashra, an independent online newspaper, as saying.

Cordone said the UNRWA transferred students to schools in other areas due to the clashes that took place in Mieh Mieh camp. Palestinian patients are temporarily receiving all medicals services in clinics in Ain El Helwe, Ghazieh and Sidon, he added.

Clashes between Fatah and Ansar Allah in Mieh Mieh broke out on Oct. 15, leading to 15 injuries, while rockets firing in the camp caused panic among citizens in Sidon in southern Lebanon.

Mieh Mieh camp is a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon, located on the outskirts of Mieh Mieh village 4 km east of Sidon City.

The camp has witnessed tensions among its refugees in the past years.

Some 450,000 refugees are registered with the UN relief body for Palestinians in Lebanon, with many living in the country’s 12 refugee camps.

Palestinian refugees represent an estimated 10 percent of the population of Lebanon.