Today, plenty of politicians play cards to win over popular sentiments in their constituencies. However, such rhetoric has spillover impacts which roll beyond the jurisdiction of states. In this article, India is taken as a case study. The rise of BJP at Indian political landscape is consequent of emerging hyper nationalism. Being one of the largest democracy in the world, India is progressing with leading economy of the world. Furthermore, a complex dilemma along with the economically neoliberals segments of the state and neo-fascist version of RSS deliberations is plaguing the Indian society. Historically, the movement got pace in the late 19th and early twentieth century. Based on the idea of Hindu nationalism "Hindutva" slogan invokes the "Akhand Bharat" agenda in the long run. Though, it seems unlikely of Nehruvian Unified Idealism plus Ghandi's philosophy of peace and love. The lynchpin of the whole scenario just move around the re-elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The man is truly blessed with charismatic leadership. Having affective political tactics, Modi is turning the pages of history for Hindu glorious reigns which is an unfortunate for Congress, a curious political entity nowadays. The BJP got leverage through communalization of politics. By unfolding historical grievances of marginalization of Hindus, the whole mantra of Hindu supremacy contextualized Pakistan as an inherent enemy. Moreover, the institutional autonomy is has serious repercussions for democratic India.  

During colonial times, British Raj inculcate the divide and rule policy so that the empire could flourish easily. Eventually, this whole episode came to an end due to several reasons. The shameful flight of British Raj left the communal narrative unattended. So, the waste was left and to be dealt with by local leadership. The religious fault lines knocked the doors of extremist versions of respective hosts. Initially, BJP unable to appeal mass audience. It evolved after some times when Sangathanists reinstated ethno-nationalist sentiments. Political card staking technique has always been part and parcel of BJP's agenda.  The fruitful narrative came along with the idea of glittering generalities with the narrative of Hindutva ideology. Most of the population belong to Hinduism and believe in Indian Chauvinism. It left the minorities in politics of fear. The minorities are considering themselves in vulnerable position, particularly the Muslim.

The situation of Kashmir, after repealing article 370 of the Indian Constitution, has become a living hell for Kashmiri Muslims. The very special status of the Kashmir clause entailed legislation of the territory by the whims and wishes of Kashmiris. They were marginalized for their right to choose their fate themselves. Merging of Kashmir valley as union territory not only violated the fundamental rights of Kashmiris but also the International law protocols. The move was promised to Sangathanists during the election campaign. On the other hand, Congress being a leading secular Indian political entity failed to cope up with the narrative played by Modi over Kashmir region. Another instance, when Modi was Chief Minister and an incident which slaughtered hundreds of Muslim took place in Gujrat was the product of emerging Hindu nationalism. After the incident US banned Modi entering the state, but later President Obama himself received Modi at Madison Square Garden rally in 2014.

The outlook of BJP directives is changing the socio-political trends of the society. The central executive powers are disturbing the political units. The institutions are under siege by the Hindu extremist. As recently Congress has warned that the Pak-centric as well as obsession with Kashmir region are politicizing the Indian Army. The legal faternity is unable to question the legality of actions taken by the members of Sangh, VHP, Bajrang Dal and several local networks of Hindutva advocates. Several Indian writers warned about the looming threats of RSS. A renowned scholar Arundati Roy said "the core of Modi is far-right Hindu nationalism". Several liberals of Indian origin have questioned Modi's gruesome past but failed to unveil Modi's end. Under Modi, the economy is fluctuating with tactical developments in the military industrial complex. India has become one of the largest arms importer of the world. The accumulation of power invokes the offensive nature of states to exert it somewhere. It seems the populous rhetoric of Indian democracy is to use such a force for Hindu supremacy.

The overall scenario since BJP is in power gathered a economically neo-liberals and socially regressive Indian society. The trends and transformation from secular to communal journey would be cherished by the futuristic Indian economy. The land of Gandhi is yielded before Kashmiris. The neighbors will be singing songs of Indian hegemony. The major powers hold sway across the globe. May the globalization finds it peace in Modi's India.