LAHORE-Iftikhar Ahmad Usmani is an actor and screenwriter best known for his drama serial Taluq and Khuda Zameen Se Geya Nahi Hai. He received the award of best supporting actor by National School of Drama in New Delhi, India. His performance in drama serial Farz was very impressive.

About his career in showbiz industry he said, “A road show program of Saleem Tahir used to be on air at Pakistan Television channel. One day I was going with my friend towards Fortress Stadium and they took my shot. The next day my neighbours came to my place and started telling my father we saw your child on television. From that day I got interest in acting and decided to pursue my career as an actor,” he said.

About the ongoing drama serial ‘Nagin’ Iftikhar said, “Nagin story belongs to this land. Films used to be made on Nagin but no one made an effort to make a drama serial on it. In one week four episodes of 38 minutes each are being telecast. We are soon going to celebrate its 100th episode ceremony. It is my aim to promote peace through my serials.

“In the start people criticized me what flop things are you writing. I went to Bano Qudsia and discussed about it. She replied do what you love to do and never listen to anyone.  When Nagin was aired we received an overwhelming response from the actors across the border,” he said.

He is determined to prove himself as best drama writer. “I believe that one should follow his passion and focus on the quality of his work. I do believe also one should not criticize others because every writer or actor has its own creativeness.

“The play is for the dissemination of the message of peace among silent majority of our nation which regularly watches the drama but rarely present their valuable remarks. My inspiration is Baba Ashfaq Ahmad he was the one who guided me towards the right path. I’m writing script on a new film ‘Lakeer,” Iftikar said.