PESHAWAR - The industries of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are finding survival difficult due to a lack of interest on part of the government in helping them overcome their issues, said Zarak Khattak, president Industrialists’ Association Peshawar (IAP).

In a press release issued here on Thursday, it was said that in a time of great crisis, due to shortage of electricity for the industries, Nowshera Industrialists’ Association contacted the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa but on receiving no response they contacted other industrialists associations but that too in vain. It was at this time of need that the Industrialists’ Association Peshawar (IAP) offered their help and financial support.

Nowshera Industrial Estate has been facing electricity shortages for the last few months; the solution being the provision of a feeder. The possible access to the feeder was across the Pakistan Railway line. When Industrialists’ Association Nowshera contacted high officials of Pakistan Railways, they demanded a huge amount which was out of reach for the smaller industries of Nowshera. In this miserable situation, the Industrialists Association Peshawar stepped up to support their brothers on the basis of self-help.

Zarak Khattak raised the question, “If an industrial association can support smaller industrial associations, why the government can’t?” He stated, ‘We belong to backward province, where the circumstances are not favorable for industry. As for now, Hayatabad Industrial Estate is facing shortage of gas. To overcome the matter, wider pipes must be laid which would cost Rs 180 million.”

Expressing his views, Zarak stated: “I appeal to Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural resources, Chief Minister and Finance Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to resolve the problem at the earliest. Zarak Khattak also praised KPEZMDC for supporting the Nowshera Industrial Estate and bring their problem into the notice of Industrialists’ Association Peshawar.