KAMALIA   -  Saddr police launched a major crackdown on moonshiners and recovered a huge amount of liquor from their possession here the other day. 

Acting upon the instructions of DSP Kamalia Azmat Ullah, Saddr police SHO Azhar Khan along with his team raided a liquor cache at Chak 713/GB. The suspects Abdul Jabbar alias Jhara, resident of Mohallah Bilal Ganj, Kamalia and Tariq alias Munna, resident of Chungi 6, Kamalia managed to flee from the location. Saddr police recovered 120 litres of liquor and 150 bottles of alcohol from a sugarcane field on the tip-off of a police informer. The police also filed a case and started further investigation. On the other hand, Kamalia City Police arrested Tariq alias Dholo from Mohallah Fazil Dewan Kamalia on a tip-off from a police informer and recovered 1.1kg of hashish from his possession. In a second incident, the police arrested Gulshair from a place near General Bus Stand, Kamalia and recovered 170g of hashish from his possession. Cases were registered against them. 

Meanwhile, Asghar Ali, a resident of Mohallah Bagaiwala, submitted a written petition to the police that Zohaib and some six other people had abducted his wife and niece at gunpoint and took them to an unknown location. Kamalia City Police filed a case and started further investigation. While Abdul Shakoor, a resident of Jhonay-Shah Road, Kamalia submitted a written application to the police that Nadeem and his friends allegedly molested his 20-year-old nephew. Kamalia City Police filed a case.