LAHORE   -  Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), Amir Senator Sirajul Haq has reiterated the demand for across the accountability, saying the current anti-corruption drive has lost the credibility among the masses because of its political motivated agenda.

Addressing a ceremony in his honour here on Sunday, he said the majority of the parliamentarians would land in jails if the fair and impartial accountability process started in the country.

He said the National Accountability Bureaus  (NAB) turned blind eyes towards the corrupt elements sitting in government ranks. 

He said the majority of the people named in Panama Leaks were part of the three mainstream parties and they considered them not answerable to anyone.

“People lost trust in the three parties and they are demanding real change,” he said, adding three parties only deceived the poor masses on their turns and did nothing for the betterment of a common man. 

Besides the three parties, he said, military dictators and Generals played key role in the destruction of the institutions and economy.