KARACHI - The Karachi Water and Sanitation Board (KWSB) management has failed to retrieve its office occupied by drug peddlers in Baldia Town, The Nation has learnt on Saturday. The sources said the Lyari-based gangsters have occupied KWSB office in Baldia Town since long as a result official working of the Board could not be started in the office. Though KWSB junior officers have tried to vacate the office but due to non-cooperation of the police and lethargic attitude of the KWSB high ups, the drug peddlers continue their illegal business in a govt office. The high ups of KWSB despite knowing situation do not want to retrieve office from the criminals, while the appointed staffers of the board are not much powerful to solve this issue themselves. Sources said the drug peddlers used to give life threats to local staffers of KWSB when they try to retrieve the office. Around 30 to 35 staffers of KWSB sit in the office and leave the office at 2:00pm before the official time of 4:00pm, because the drug peddlers ordered them to leave the office till 2:00pm. After it these criminals use this office for their illegal business. The KWSB is setting up computer network in all of its 18 towns offices but due to the occupation of the drug peddlers in Baldia towns KWSB office, the KWSB has not installed the computers which are expected to be stolen by the drug peddlers.