KARACHI  - Cotton ginners have demanded the government to announce support price on war footing basis to protect cotton industry.

Experts believed that in the current scenario of heavy rain fall in Punjab also created fear about the upcoming crop of the cotton as heavy downpour expected to damage around 200,000 to 300,000 bails. 

As Pakistan’s seventy percent economy based on cotton, lake of policy is the main reason of down fall of cotton industry that pushes cotton grower to other sector.

Talking to The Nation, Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association Chairman Mukhtar Ahmad Khan told that the association approached the Federal Ministers including Ishaq Dar, Sikandar Bosan and contacted to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and opposition leader to resolve their problems including the issue of support price but no one showed their concern over it.

He said United State, China, Brazil, India and all the cotton producing counties announced support price for strengthening the sector.

As per legislation, a grower can import only 450 gram seed, our demand to the government is to amend the cotton seed act for better production of the crop that will boost up the growth of the country in terms of industrial growth and exports, he added.

Mukhtar informed The Nation, the seed mafia and substandard pesticide also hurt the bumper corps while on the other side, in international market major cotton producing countries are sowing high class seed that have more resistance against the pest.

He criticised the role of All Pakistan Textile Association, who spoiled growers’ sentiments without paying them payments on time because they are the only buyers of the cotton in the country, it could be controlled if government plays its due role, he added.

This factor also disheartened growers while most of the area of major crop is reducing due to switching of growers to other crops like cane.

Prem Chand Senior Voice Chairman PCGA while talking The Nation said that at the movement every ginner is facing loss of Rs 100,000 on 100 bails. The main reason of the cost difference is high rate of phutti. It was traded at price of Rs 2700/40 kg while the price of cotton 5600/40 kg, it will be profitable for the ginners if it traded at the price of Rs 6000/40 kg.

He said that growers give the reason of high cost of urea and they can’t sell their product on low rate.

Prem said actual season of cotton crop will start in October while it has started in lower Sindh comprise over Hyderabad, Sanghar and Badin while the upper Sindh starts from Nawabshah.

During the ginning process where cotton separated from the cotton seed which gives another byproduct named oil cake using at large in the cattle feed also generate economic activity in the country in the context of growth showing in live stocks, he added.