Gwadar is blessed with a great sea which is being used for export and import with several other useful purposes. But unfortunately, the citizens don’t know the value of it yet who are involved in making the sea dirty with full of garbage, plastic bags which can’t be easily decomposed in water and affect the species of the sea.

It can create many problems for the citizens as well who are the sign of destroying the sea under which they are employed and earning money. Other countries have saved their small, small seas and using them on the best ways. Gwadar people have gotten such an excellent sea for removing their issue but still they are undergoing from several hardships due to misusage of it and the sea is not being protected at all. If we continue destroying the sea’s species then we remain unemployed and can’t survive, because of sea, thousands of people are living and earning money to survive.

So, I appeal to the government of Balochistan to take action on this actionable issue to save the sea and its environment should be protected at any cost. Every citizens should be responsible to save the sea and stop putting garbage in it.


Turbat, August 20.