Messers Kurd and Ather Minallah could not satisfactorily answer Dr Shahid Masud's questions (on Meray Mutabik on March 28). They were more interested in a trip of self-aggrandizement for themselves on restoration of the honorable judges. They did not acknowledge the valuable contributions made by political parties of the entire country (minus the PPP, MMA, ANP and MQM). One cannot forget the way Nawaz Sharif thwarted every obstruction created by the Zardari government forcing them to surrender. Messers Imran, Qazi, Nawaz Sharif and all other leaders never tried to take the credit away from the lawyers and gave them their due through out. It is the lawyers' leadership that has acted selfishly by trying to ignore the remarkable support they extended to the movement. Sadly, they have even tried to bestow credit on the PPP and Mr. Zardari who left no stone unturned to fail their movement. -KHAIR BUKSH, Karachi, via e-mail, March 29.