Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA), in collaboration with the Punjab Livestock department, is holding a two-day Poultry Food Festival on April 10-11, 2015 at Racecourse Park Lahore.

The Poultry Food Festival is aimed at creating awareness among the general public regarding importance of poultry products which are the cheapest available meat protein source, besides providing recreation to the children and families.

Poultry Food Festival would prove to be helpful in the promotion of national unity and brotherhood. The PPA NZ Chairman Dr. Mustafa Kamal said that Poultry Food Festival’s entry is open and free for all which has also featured Cooking Competition, consumer education, food & banquet and fancy bird show etc.

He said that PPA is endeavouring to make people cognizant of increasing egg consumption to ensure good health since only a healthy generation can take a country to the pinnacle of progress and prosperity.

He said that poultry at present contributes 40 percent of the total meat consumption and generates employment and income for about 1.8 million people. He said that poultry is the cheapest available meat protein source for our masses and as such, is an effective check upon the spiraling animal protein prices also.

He said that PPA had also participated in the recently Horse and Cattle Show where thousands of visitors thronged the Pakistan Poultry Association spacious and wide stall set up at the industrial exhibition held at Jillani Park.

To entertain the visitors the PPA had also arranged to distribute boiled eggs among them, as almost 50,000 eggs were served to children, women and families.

The PPA also arranged a fancy bird show which was attracted by a large number of families particularly by the kids. In Horse and Cattle Show the PPA also run the documentary of poultry sector of Pakistan which was watched by thousands of people and appreciated very much.