ISLAMABAD - Prominent writer and scholar Ajmal Khattak has been nominated for the 'Kamal-e-Fun Award 2007'in recognition of his lifelong literary services. The decision was made public after a consultative meeting by the judges at the Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) here on Tuesday. A nine-member jury has announced the name of the recipient of the award, which carries a cash prize of Rs 500,000. The jury comprised eminent literary figures Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui, Shahzad Ahmed, Zaitoon Bano, Muhammad Mansha Yad, Pro. Dr Peerzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui, Prof. Alamgir Hashmi, Hafeez Khan, Prof.Wahid Bux Buzdar and Prof Dr Salma Shaheen. A well-known literary figure and jury member Mazhar-ul-Haq Siddiqui was announced the name of Ajmal Khattak for the 'Kamal-e-Fun Award 2007'. Ajmal Khattak is a name emblazoned in golden letters in field of literature. He was born in Akora Khattak on September 15, 1926. He is among the pioneers who put Pushto literature on the 'modern' track. He did MA in Persian from Peshawar University. He has written almost 11 books in Pushto and Urdu, including a history of Pushto literature (in Urdu) 'Pakistan Main Qaumi Jamhoori Tehrikin, Da Ghirat Chagha, Batoor, Gul auo Perhar, Guloona auo Takaloona, Jalawatan ki Shairee, Pukhtana Shora and Da Wakht Chagha. Kamal-e-Fun Award is the highest literary award in the field of literature for recognition of lifetime achievement in creative and research work. In 1997 this award was given to Ahmad Nadeem Qasimi, Intizar Hussain had received the award in 1998. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Yousufi had received the in 1999, Ahmad Faraz in 2000, Shaukat Siddiqui in 2001 and Munir Niazi in 2002, Ada Jaffery in 2003, Sobhagya Chandni in 2004,Dr.Nabi Bakhsh Bloch in 2005 and Jamiluddin Aali in 2006. On the occasion the PAL has also announced the National Literary Award for the year 2007 for the best literary books written during the year in Pakistani languages Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi, Seraiki, Brahui and in English language. Each award carries a cash prize of Rs 100,000. Speaking on the occasion Iftikhar Arif, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters, said that three-member panel took the decision for the National Literary Award for the year 2007. He further continued that earlier Rs 40,000 were given for the book written in Urdu language and Rs 20,000 for the books written in other languages, but now we made it equivalent to 100,000 for all languages. For Urdu poetry 'Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal Award' was given to Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi on his book "Arz-o-Sama". In Urdu prose Baba-i-Urdu Molvi Abdul Haq Award' was given to Hasan Manzar on his book "Khak Ka Rutba". In Punjabi 'Syed Waris Shah Award' was given to Siddique Taseer on his book "Rubaiya-e-Taseer". In Sindhi 'Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai Award' was given to Altaf Shaikh on his book "New Hala Khan New York". In pashto language 'Khushal Khan Kahattak Award' was given to Darwesh Durrani on his book "Pashto Arooz". In Balochi 'Mast Tawakli Award' was given to Mir Muhammad Hussain Anqa Baloch on his book "Rokeen Pul". In Seraiki 'Khawaja Ghulam Farid Award' was given to Saleem Shahzad on his book "Pairen Turda Shaher". In Brahui 'Taj Muhammad Tjal Award' was given to Arif Zia on his book "Brahui Jadeed Nazm". In English 'Pitras Bukhari Award' was given to Feryal Ali Gauhar on her book "No Space for Further Burials". Two more awards for best translation work and for best book in Hindko language have also been included in award of 2007. Amna Azfar was given 'Muhammad Hassan Askari Award' on her book 'The Dust of The Road' for best translation work. Hindko award was not given to any writer as during the 2007 not a single book was published in Hindko language.