Pakistan Railways (PR) is acquiring 58 locomotives from a Chinese company and 25 of these will be unloaded at Karachi Port soon. This is good news, as Pakistan needs more locomotives immediately, to run its railway network in an effective manner. A Chinese ship is bringing the locomotives to Karachi. The release of 20 Completely Built (CBD) up and 5 Completely Knocked Down (CKD) locomotives will occur after Eid. The CBD locomotives will have a two week trial period before their induction into the railway fleet. The CKD locomotives will be assembled at the Risalpur loco factory. So far the Chinese company has provided 23 locomotives and special staff is taking care of their maintenance. According to Railway Ministry officials, all 58 locomotives will be operational by the end of the year. This will provide much needed relief as it will improve efficiency and punctuality and provide better freight service. These locomotives will give a much needed boost to Pakistan Railways and hopefully allow it to not only to recover its losses but also make a profit.


Lahore, July 28.