LAHORE - Punjab Revenue Authority has launched Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System in Lahore and said that more than 50 restaurants of Lahore have been selected in the first phase where this software will be installed and all record of consumers will reach Revenue Authority. Punjab Revenue Authority has also made planning of registering Shahi Qila Food Street, MM Alam Road and hotels around Qaddaffi Stadium under Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System in Lahore in the first phase which will be completed till next month. Revenue received from restaurants will increase 40 times under this system.

Chairman Punjab Revenue Authority, Dr Raheel Siddiqui expressed these views while talking to media after inaugurating Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System at Bistro 201 Restaurant. M. Dr. Raheel Siddiqui informed that this is the first Restaurant Invoice Monitoring System which is being started from Lahore.

He said that Punjab Chief Minister had given a target to Punjab Revenue Authority to introduce this system of Invoice Monitoring and according to the instructions of Chief Minister, this system has been formally launched.

He said that after expanding its scope to all the restaurants of Lahore, it will be enforced throughout the province. He said that availability of this software will eliminate human interference and at the time of payment of bill in the restaurants, all information regarding tax deduction will reach the department. He said that a prize scheme is being introduced for special interest of citizens in this programme, under which, the consumers can win precious prizes every week by paying their bills after eating meals in the registered hotels. Dr. Raheel Siddiqui said that Punjab Revenue Authority will give prizes like vehicle, umrah tickets, laptops, mobiles and food coupons every week to the citizens. He said that Punjab Information Technology Board has especially developed this software which will result in huge revenue generation of Punjab government.

He said that an invoice will be generated at the payment of bills in the restaurants under this system and it will be registered in the Revenue Authority without any delay. He said that consumers, hotel owners and government will benefit from this system.